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I met the Boltz family during a missions conference where both of our families were scheduled to be at. I fell in love with this sweet family that week and we’ve kept in touch over the years on Facebook. It’s amazing to see what God is doing through them in the country of Guyana. Believe it or not, missionary's children struggle with things being a missionary kid. I'd like to introduce Kimberly, she is one of six children in the Boltz family.  I asked her if she would share a little of what she has experienced while being on the mission field.

A guest post from a young adult missionary kid. Life on the field is not always what is expected and there are bumps in the road that have to be crossed.

Through The Eyes of a Missionary Kid

At the start of deputation in 2009 to go to the mission field of Guyana, I was so excited! God was doing a work in our family’s life. We began to travel to different churches right in the state of Florida. I was still able to attend all of our sending church’s activities and some services too. But we started to travel further, eventually reaching other states. Deputation was hard then because I was focused on the wrong thing…being around friends. After three years of deputation, our support was fully raised and we prepared to leave for the field! It was an exciting time but a sad time also. We were excited to come, but our family and friends were being left behind and who knew how long it’d be till we saw them again.
A guest post from a young adult missionary kid. Life on the field is not always what is expected and there are bumps in the road that have to be crossed.

a boat ride

In January of 2012, we boarded the plane for Guyana. We had a pit-stop in Jamaica and then a short turnover in Trinidad. When we took off in Miami, reality set in of what was really happening. I was leaving America for the first time to go to a jungle. It had me crying. We arrived in Guyana early in the morning and it wasn’t what I expected. At 5 that morning, I laid down and cried myself to sleep. Was this really what God wanted for me? We flew out to Port Kaituma where we awaited to hear about our work permits. Dad called the office every week to see if they had an answer and their reply was, “Call back next week.” After 60 days, we heard that they only gave us a 90-day stay. We’d already been here for 60 days, so we had 30 days to pack up and leave. This included turning our container right around to ship back to America because they wouldn’t clear it here. I had finally gotten adjusted to the different culture just when we found out we had to leave. This was harder than I ever imagined it could be.

We returned to the States, and for 2 years my parents sought the Lord on what He wanted us to do. We tried things Stateside, but the doors kept closing. Guyana was still on our hearts. I graduated high school, and then got a Biblical Studies Certificate and an Associates Degree in Christian Ministries through Salt Lake Baptist College. In those two years, I became Aunt Kimmy to 3 nieces and a nephew!

our church and home

In August of 2014, we were able to return to Guyana. At this time, I was 20. I came as a single missionary to work in my parents ministry until Mr. Right came along. We put in the applications for our 3-year work permits once again. We finally got word that they were APPROVED…all of them for 3 years! We were planning on beginning a work on our land in Kuru Kururu. But God had other plans. He led us to start a church in Bushy Park. The first service of Harbour Light Baptist Church was on April 26th, 2015. We had 48 in attendance! While the building was going up, we met at the banquet hall here. In June, we were able to move on over and use our building. We then began having 3 services a week and soul winning every Saturday! And as time went on, we have been able to start many other ministries for our church folks. I am now 21 and really enjoy being the teacher for the 8-12 year old Sunday School class and being the church piano player! We are now having a little over 100 in service on Sunday mornings with the average of 50 on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. We have seen many come to know the Lord as their Savior and quite a few follow the Lord in baptism as well. We are praising the Lord for the work He is doing!

our first Sunday morning service

Recently, the Lord brought Mr. Right into my life! Navin is Guyanese and is a very sweet, humble, godly guy! He is an answer to all my prayers over the years! On January 12th, 2016, we began a courtship! I’m excited to see all that the Lord has in store for Navin and me! It’s worth it to wait on the Lord!

 Navin and I

Lastly, at the age of 19, I finished writing my first book, “Here, There, Seems Like Everywhere”. If you’re interested, you can find my book at either IBA DIRECT or AMAZON. Or you could contact me directly by EMAIL.  Through reading, you’ll find more detail of how the Lord worked in my life on deputation and our first trip to the mission field. I’m in the process of writing two other books.

Will you join with me in praying for both Kimberly and Navin as they seek the Lord for direction in their life? I know they both would greatly appreciate it.

You can find Kimberly on Facebook. She and her family shares some of the most amazing pictures from their work and from around their area.

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