Homeschooling: Obey The Laws

I love being a home educating mom. Teaching my son is a blessing that I don’t take for granted. This opportunity opens doors for my son to explore what he is interested in and to learn at his own pace without the added stress of others being pushed on him.  I am an unapologetically homeschool law abider.

Protect your home and school, obey the laws.

It’s not just you who will feel the effects of not obeying the homeschool laws of your state. Protect your home and school, obey the laws.
These years have been all about his education and I love that. I’ve mentioned our state laws before in the post Homeschooling In Montana. I have now come to terms with the freedoms my state has when it comes to a home education and I truly am thankful to be a Montanan.

Homeschool: Obey The Laws

One of the many reasons we chose to educate at home was to make sure our son would be taught how to be a responsible, productive Christian citizen without a worldly influence shadowing what we teach. Teaching Jamie about the laws that God put in place and the laws that we must abide by as citizens of this nation is a lot of work, but it is so worth it.

When I hear of people not abiding by the simple laws put into place by their state for home education it makes me mad! This kind of behavior is what gives the rest of us a bad name and makes it harder for us who abide by the laws to be considered trustworthy and capable of teaching our children.

There is plenty of negativity towards homeschoolers, why would you fan the flames by not abiding by the laws?

When you don’t obey the laws and you are called out on it, don’t be surprised. If you are man enough to break the laws then you are man enough to handle the situation. I have no sympathy for you.

When you don’t obey the laws of your state then you might as well slap the faces of the thousands of people who have gone to battle with the government on your behalf to have this wonderful freedom; a freedom that you don’t have to be ashamed of nor hide.

I understand many want to keep the government out of their lives as much as possible. But I have to tell you, it is better in the long run to adhere to the laws of your state than to have certified letters delivered or case workers to knock on your door.

It’s not just you who will feel the effects of not obeying the homeschool laws of your state. Protect your home and school, obey the laws.

When you choose to not obey the laws for homeschooling you are teaching your children it is okay to break laws you see unnecessary. You are saying you are above the law and you don’t have to obey it. You are teaching your children to be arrogant and disobedient.

I am not one for giving every little detail of your family to the local officials. When you give more than is required, you are letting them know you DON’T know the state laws and you are giving them more reason to ask it of others. Only give what is required by your state and no more.

Know your homeschool laws before starting out and keep up with any changes that are made to them. If your state officials plan to make changes that take away your freedom be sure to contact them and if they vote for it, use your voice at the next election.

When moving to a different state research and learn the laws before moving so you will know what is required. When I learned we were moving to Montana in 2007, I researched several months and emailed people just so I would know what was required. Thankfully, I was familiar with the laws before we moved back here in 2012,  but I had to refresh my memory to be able to know what my requirements are.

What about your children and their safety and sanity? Is not obeying the laws worth the stress it will cause your precious children if they are removed from the home? Is it worth the added pressure that it will bring to your marriage? I don't think so.

It is your responsibility as a parent to know and adhere to the laws of your state.

Protect your home and school: obey the homeschool laws.


  1. I love this Lori! I am in total agreement and followed our homeschool law exactly all throughout our homeschool journey. Living our here in the west I know that we have some of the simplest homeschool laws and it surprises me how many do not follow them!

  2. Thanks Amy, I recently heard about a lady in the state who has been notified by their district requesting information. In all of their homeschooling years they have never followed the laws of any state they lived in. Every time I hear a story like this I am surprised people still refuse to obey them.


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