Meaningful Conversations With God

Do you like being talked to? Do you like having meaningful conversations? I do to an extent being an introvert, but that is another story.  What about living within the walls of your house with others and not talking with them unless they wanted something? It’s a little odd isn’t it, trying to imagine not talking with someone unless they wanted something. But you know, many of us do it all the time, every day in fact.

Frog's Lilypad: Meaningful conversations with God depends on how you approach your time with Him. Set aside time to really enjoy being with the One who created you. l

Meaningful Conversations With God

I’m going to share something with you about me today. I’ve shared it before, but if you’ve missed it in the past here it is...

If I don’t purposely set aside time in the mornings, I won’t talk to God or read my Bible during the day unless I make a quick “Lord help me” plea. When my day gets going, I don’t think about anything else other than what I’m focused on. Now that my son is independent in his school work, I’m not needed as much with that so I can focus on homemaking. By the time I remember I need to pray and read my Bible I am up to my elbows in cleaning.

The next time my devotion comes to mind, I’m preparing supper and expecting my husband’s return home from work; another moment where something special was pushed aside.  The next time I would think about praying and reading my Bible is at bedtime. Some nights, I am so worn out I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. Other nights I quickly run to the kitchen table to pray and read a quick chapter in Psalms feeling guilty of what I’ve done.

Just recently, a day went by without me reading my Bible. When I realized I let the distraction of a Saturday morning cause me to not have my devotions it was midnight and I was sitting outside with my husband while he was taking pictures. Watching the Milky Way come into view along with the cool Montana night air wisping around my face and arms it hit me, I was enjoying the beauty of God’s creation, but I missed out on a special time with the Lord that day.

I understand it is difficult to find time, especially if you work outside the home; I was in your shoes for five years. While I found what works for me most of the time, I encourage you to find what will work for you and let nothing disrupt it. You may need to wake up a little earlier in the mornings or if you’re a night owl, a nightly devotion after everyone is in bed may be the perfect time for you.

Meaningful conversations are usually out of love or care not a forceful, unpleasant situation. Spending time with the Lord should be out of love not a required action. We should enter our special time with joy and happiness, not dread and discontent.

Frog's Lilypad: Meaningful conversations with God depends on how you approach your time with Him. Set aside time to really enjoy being with the One who created you. l

We like meaningful conversations and God is the perfect One to have them with because He listens and cares about what you have to say and He gives wonderful advice. Advice we can know and trust it is in our best interest. But, He also wants to tell you special little secrets that only He can whisper in your ear.
When we don’t have meaningful conversations with the Lord,
we miss out on so much He wants to share with us.

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