A Guest {Thankful Thursdays Linkup #67}

I know a thing or two about being vertically challenged. There are times I need help to reach things even when I’m standing on the step stool. Or to sit behind a much taller person or a person with a big hair style and not be able to see around them. I’ve even stood in the midst of a crowd while standing on my tiptoes and craning my neck trying to see on the other side of a wall of heads and shoulders. Life as a short person can be difficult. No matter how tall or how short we are, we have A Guest who wants a permanent place in our lives and have fellowship with us.

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A Guest

I love the story of Zaccheus. (Luke 19:1-10)  Of all the people in the crowd, Jesus called to Zaccheus. Jesus knew how much he wanted to see Him, the trouble Zaccheus had just to catch a glimpse of  Him has He passed by. While others may have missed the adventurous climb into a tree, Jesus didn’t. He knew where Zaccheus was and He even invited Himself to his house where He was welcomed.

Not caring what others thought Jesus spent time with this little tax collector, a man many disliked. They went as far as calling Zaccheus a sinner without considering their own sin. They pointed fingers at Jesus for entering this man’s home and being a guest there. While there is no record of the conversation, something Jesus said made a huge impact on the life of Zaccheus. He told Jesus, he would give half of his goods to the poor and return four times more of what he took from anyone.

Blessed is he that considers the poor (Psalm 41:1)

The Bible says Zaccheus received Jesus joyfully. I can imagine the scene with all the excitement around Jesus going to his house. He probably stopped off at the gates of the homes of his friends and neighbors telling how Jesus was coming home with him. The excitement Zaccheus shared with others.

 I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16)

What about you? Many of us would bounce off the walls with excitement if someone notable was coming to our home. We would call, email, or Facebook the exciting news. But to tell others of the One who lives in our hearts, we shy away from talking about. Of all the guests we can have enter our lives, only One is worthy to be shared with others - The King of glory, the One who holds the world in His hands, the One who lives inside of you and me.

Zaccheus was a wee, little man,
And a wee, little man was he.
He climbed up in a sycamore tree
For the Lord he wanted to see.

And as the Savior passed that way,
He looked up in the tree,
And he said, “Zaccheus, you come down”
For I’m going to your house today,
For I’m going to your house today.

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  1. May we all be diligent in sharing the Savior and His saving grace. I had to think for a minute when you said "vertically challenged " Lori....we are all big in God's eyes. Thank you for the opportunity to share here today friend. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. One of the things I love about blogging and even FB is that it provides an opportunity to share Christ with people who may not otherwise listen. Through reading, they can stay anonymous....they can stay up in the tree and watch or listen until one day Jesus calls them down and pays a visit to their home.

  3. I am vertically-challenged too, Lori. For years at our daughter’s choir performances, the same tall man would sit in front of me, always blocking my view. ha. May I be eager to stand on my tiptoes or do whatever is necessary to keep seeing more of Jesus.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my post!!! I was so surprised to see it was chosen. Thanks also for offering such a great opportunity for new bloggers, like me, to received exposure and support. God bless you!

  5. Lori, I love Zaccheus' story, too. He was so determined to get a glimpse of Jesus! We take our opportunities so lightly sometimes.

    Thanks for hosting. Hope you're having a great week!

  6. I love your point about Zaccheus's enthusiasm about Jesus and our tendency toward reticence. May we have the same attitude as Zaccheus as we invite Jesus into our lives and share him with others!

  7. I'm thankful we are all big in God's eyes, Horace.

  8. I love this also, Deborah.

  9. That is too funny, Lisa. I hope I am always eager to keep seeing more of Jesus also.

  10. You're welcome, Laura.

  11. We do take them lightly. Every time I see a video or picture of a precious person who has never heard of Jesus accepting Him or crying over being given a Bible I am convicted. We have Jesus and we need to share Him with others.

  12. Hi, Yvette. I hope I never lose the enthusiasm we have towards Jesus.

  13. I love the story of Zaccheus, how his life changed, and how he invited his friends to meet Jesus! thanks for hosting and encouraging us, Lori.

  14. The story of Zaccheus shows anyone can change. You're welcome, have a great weekend.


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