A Homeschool Momma's Interview

I am so excited about being part of a year long home education series with Jenny at Faith and Good Works. Every month she is sharing two interviews of mommas who have chosen to home educate their children. As we all know every one is different the same thing goes with those who choose to home educate their children. Homes are different. Methods and learning styles are different.

Interview with a Homeschool Momma

I can’t believe we stared our 12th school year last month. I never would have imagined teaching a junior! It seems just like yesterday we were sitting at the table learning to cursive write and sounding out words in the Abeka Basic Phonics Readers.

When I look back over the years, I'm amazed at how the Lord worked. I was never going to homeschool but my heart was softened to this lifestyle. While I don't necessarily believe it is for everyone, it works for our family.

Over the years, I've shared about our home education journey. But I don't think I really went in detail about the methods we used. In the beginning it was school at home, because of being a teacher I was in a mindset after being in the classroom for so long. The method worked for us until third grade math hit. I knew then, I was going to have to change things if we were going to continue. During the early years, an influx of curricula designed for home education came on the market and it opened the door to a whole new world for me. I'm so glad it did because it brought about a peace we both needed.

Since we've started year round school, would you believe this year was the hardest to start on the first day. It was,  so I allowed Jamie to ease back into school - another moment of peace.

Since this is an interview, you can continue reading my interview with Jenny over at Faith and Good Works and while you are there don't forget to look for the other interviews.


  1. Time does go by fast. This to me is especially true when I homeschool my kids. The summer seems to be dragging on compared to when they are in school.

    It's nice learning how other homeschool families do things. Thanks for sharing with us your way.

  2. Crystal, we school year round and have for about 4 years now. Before starting that, my summers went slowly. Thanks for visiting.


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