The Peace Offering {Thankful Thursdays Linkup #64}

He was standing there hat in hand and a small bouquet of flowers. The look on his face broke her heart because she knew she was in the wrong for listening to unkind words of another. He had done nothing wrong, just the loss of a job, something that was beyond his control.

Frog's Lilypad Thankful Thursdays - Jesus is our Peace Offering. Without Him we would not be able to meet with God because of His perfect holiness Without Jesus there is no peace.
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Even with no wrongdoing he came with a peace offering and four words, give me a chance. After a tearful apology from the young woman, standing on the doorstep, the couple took each other’s hands and promised to never allow outside influence to come between them. Years later, I still feel stupid for listening to someone who was so inclined to give unsolicited advice when it was unneeded.

The Peace Offering

One of my favorite symbols of Jesus is the Peace Offering. Without Jesus, we would not be able to come before the throne of God.  God’s perfect holiness and our sinfulness - we can’t meet and fellowship without Jesus.

And if his oblation be a sacrifice of peace offering...he shall offer it without blemish before the Lord. (Leviticus 3:1)

How signification is the plan of God for bringing us into fellowship with Himself! God longs for our fellowship and love.

The work of Jesus brings peace.

Jesus made peace – through the blood he shed on the cross. (Colossians 1:20)

Jesus proclaimed peace – Jesus preached peace everyone, because of Him we have access to the Father. (Ephesians 2:17-18)

Jesus is our peace – when Jesus died on the cross, He cleared out the “differences” among people;  We are all the same – sinners needing the blood of Jesus. (Ephesians 2:14)

In Christ, God and the sinner can meet peacefully. God is satisfied with what Jesus has done, and we can be equally satisfied knowing there is nothing else to do to have a relationship with God. (Romans 3:24-25)

Without Jesus, there is no peace!

This week's featured post is from Michele at Living Our Days and she shared Filling the Love Tank which is a book review of  A Teen's Guide to the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  If you've not read any of his books, I highly recommend them. A good one to start with is The 5 Love Languages.


  1. Good morning Lori, I don't have a link up. I'm just stopping to by to say hi and to also say, I believed In my husband in our early years when times were so hard. And I'm glad I did ❤️ Just like you

  2. I was brought into a situation yesterday that was full of offense and devoid of peace. One of the women involved had the godly wisdom to know that she and the other lady needed to stop talking, and start praying. Their prayer was the peace offering needed. Thanks for reminding us, Lori, what a gift our peace is!

  3. I always love reading Thankful Thursday. I am so thankful that Jesus came and died for our sins so that we have peace with God through his blood.

  4. Rhonda, thank you for your kind words. If we don't believe in and build each other up, Satan will wiggle himself in a marriage and ruin it.

  5. That can be scary! I'm so glad there was godly wisdom being used in that situation, Lisa.

  6. I'm glad you enjoy reading. I'm thankful for the peace we can have with God, also.

  7. Thanks for hosting, Lori! Have a great week-end!


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