5 Child Safety Tips

As a parent, keeping our children safe is a big issue. While I am of the generation where we learned lessons the hard way, I did make some safety decisions for my own son when he was little. In my day, we rode our bikes without helmets, we piled into the car and went up the highway with no seat belts, while some of us hanging out the window. A chest of drawers was not fastened to the wall and it only took one time for my sister to climb up the drawers to quickly learn her lesson. I even learned the hard way that an electric stove eye did not have to be red for it to be hot. My husband and his brother and friends learned an umbrella was not a parachute when they jumped off the roof of their house. The first failed experimented didn’t keep them from trying several more times before they realized it wouldn’t work. Today, I'm sharing 5 child safety tips.

5 Child Safety Tips

Traveling with kids can be hectic. I remember the days of packing everything I thought I would need just to find out the one needed thing was left behind. My Jamie always had extra pairs of socks in his bag when he began walking. Even to this day, he won’t go barefoot in the hotel. You do know what is living in the carpet in hotel rooms, right?

If you ever have to deal with the unpleasant aftermath of super glue on tiny hands and fingers, here’s the perfect solution. I’m even keeping this in the back of my mind for the next time I use the glue.

Bee stings can be a horrible thing to deal with. Back in the day, I have been known to chew a little tobacco or place a pinch of snuff in my lip to wet it to help ease the sting of a bee. ** There are no more tobacco products in our home, thank goodness. ** I’ve been learning what I can about herbs and plants. You know, there’s a plant that may be in your yard that will help soothe the pain, redness, and swelling from a bee sting.

When my Jamie was little, I wrapped the corner of our entertainment center and piano bench with old towels and tape. A very chic look when I had company. Now days, there is a magic tool that can be used, although its original purpose is meant to be used in the swimming pool.

We live in a day of internet and smartphones. Just about every home has the internet and many families all have smartphones. While we would like to think our teens know how to stay safe while using either one, if you’ve never talked to them about it, then they don’t.

Best Counseling Degrees website has an infograph that is very helpful  in showing just how much our children are exposed to while on the internet and social media. You can see it HERE.

I hope these tips are an encouragement to help you in keeping your children safe.


  1. I could have used the tip about plantain the other day. I had two little girls with bee stings here. I'll have to remember for next time.

  2. Looked for in our yard in Montana and didn't see any. I'll have to look here and see what I can find.


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