7 Homeschooling Tips and Encouragements

At the first meeting of the local homeschooling families, I was the only one who had been on this journey longer than a year or two. I even heard one lady say in excitement we have a veteran who can answer all of our questions. I couldn’t help but giggle and said I was hardly the one to answer questions, but I would do my best. While most of the questions were about Common Core, I had to admit it was not my biggest concern while ducking the thrown tomatoes. Sadly, the ones who were so against it finished one year and re-enrolled their children back into the public school. Whether you are a veteran home educator, a newbie, or just thinking about it there is always room for more tips and encouragement.
Whether you are a veteran home educator, a newbie, or just thinking about it there is always room for more homeschooling tips and encouragement. Frog's Lilypad l frogslilypad.net

Homeschooling Tips and Encouragements

One of the many goals I had in the early years was to eventually have a self-learning child. It took several years of guidance, but we reached that goal.

If you’re curious about the benefits of self-learning, you can read about some of what I have seen in my own son.

The next five links are from some blogging friends and they have shared a wealth of tips and encouragement.

Choosing the right curriculum for your family can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s some pretty awesome curricula on the market, but before you dive in and buy everything you see, consider these five things Julia shares in How to Choose The Perfect Homeschool Curriculum For Your Family.

Budgeting for your homeschool is probably just as hard as choosing a curriculum for many. If you’ve been called to homeschool and your budget is far less than a shoe string budget, Amy has some wonderful ideas to help keep costs down in  Homeschooling On A Budget.

Alaana is sharing a 15-page free download on Getting Started with Homeschooling.
In it you’ll find:
• Getting started checklist (Tip: Print this page!)
• Legal policies by state
• Explanations for 8 types of homeschooling
• Curriculum suggestions for each type of homeschooling
• A list of resources that new homeschoolers should bookmark

Rebecca has the cutest DIY project for Montessori Moveable Alphabet. This hands-on learning helps aid your child in sounding out words. I love this idea and wish I would have known about it when my Jamie was beginning reading.

And she even shared a link for a Montessori style font; don’t miss that.

Do you have a Moaning Myrtle among your crew? Gabrielle does and she shares about how to help your Myrtle during one of their moments. I didn’t have a Moaning Myrtle and over the years I’ve come to be more considerate of those who do.

As the new school year begins for many, I hope these homeschooling tips and encouragements give you the extra push to continue on your journey of a home education.


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