The True Light {Thankful Thursdays}

All to be seen is total darkness. Every once in a while, a blinking red light is seen in the distance; a light of warning. This time of year the last moments of sunset is seen as late as 11 o’clock. Tonight is no different. For several hours I see faint lights coming into view, but they bring no hope for a moment of rest. At the top of the hill, I notice a light up ahead. It isn’t a faint shining light, but a light of brightness letting me know there is a town on the horizon. A light drawing me in from a long journey in the night; a true light of replenishment and comfort.

Frog's Lilypad: The True Light

The True Light

The True Light, a contrast with false lights; there are many today. Satan is sending his army of false teachers out into the world to do their damage. They dazzle the eyes of those looking for an easier way and never reveal the truth – there is no other way. The easy to accept teachings look good and sound even better; they bring moments of peace and hope. But in reality, the gloom of sin and uncertainty confronts the ones who are drawn in. The damage cannot be undone except by the only True Light.

While on the Mount of Olives, Jesus tells the disciples what is to come.(Matthew 24) Jesus talks about false Christs and false teachers. They will dazzle anyone with their “miracles” and teachings. Many are swept up in the false beliefs, Christians included because they are not on guard with what the Bible says. This deception will be strong, but the power of God and His word is stronger. Be alert!

When Jesus returns, everyone will know it. He is not coming for the people of one locale. His return will not be private; it will be suddenly as a bolt of lightning. (Matthew 24:27) Everyone - Christians and those who refuse the Truth will know when it happens. While no one but God knows when this time will be, it is coming. (Matthew 24:36) The saved can confidently expect Jesus and we should be ready at all times.

It’s not too late to share the True Light with others.

It is up to you and me to continue sharing the Gospel with others.

Sometimes, just being an example is not enough.

A deep love for the soul of those around us needs to bring an actual conversation about the Love of Jesus and what He can do for them. Don’t wait, tomorrow may be too late.

We've driven many miles across this country late into the night. Seeing the light of a town and knowing there will be rest and nourishment was a blessing.

Jesus, is our True Light. We are His light in this world for others. Let your light shine and may we help those blinded by the world to see Jesus as their True Light.

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  1. Good Morning, Lori! Yes, He is the only True Light! He brings light and hope into the darkest places of our souls. Thanks for hosting. Blessings!

  2. So many “lights” out there—you are right, Lori. We have to learn to distinguish between the real ones and the fake ones.

  3. No, not too late!! We must be lights of Jesus in this world. The Light of the Lord exposes the false ones, but we must be willing. Thanks, Lori, for your words to bring me/us into check as to the Way versus so many ways of this world.

  4. Great reminder, Lori. He is the only true Light!
    Also very interesting to know the last lights of the sunset where you are, is at 11 pm. :)
    Thank you so much for hosting!

  5. You're welcome, Donna.

  6. Yes, we do. Thanks, Lisa.

  7. Yes, we have to be willing. Thanks, Linda.

  8. Bibi, This first paragraph was taken from my journal the first time we drove out west. I was amazed the first time I saw it and even after that I would try and text pictures to my sister so she could see. It's one of the things I miss about Montana, now that we are back in Georgia.


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