Words that Never End

Twelve books were required for outside reading in my 11th grade English class. One book flung me into the life of a girl who found herself in the middle of the self-imposed craziness across the pages; I learned quickly to love reading. Anytime I could pick up the book to read, I did. I even remember a few nights of quietly turning out the light when I heard my parents’ alarm clock going off. I was hooked.

Frog's Lilypad: Words that Never End

It is hard to remember books I read while growing up because I was a reluctant reader. Two books stand out in my mind. Cherry Ames Senior Nurse, it was my first oral book report. The Mayor of Casterbridge, I skimmed the pages before class just so I could make a passing grade on the daily quiz.

If you are a parent of a reluctant reader, don’t force them to read. Encourage them and provide quality books so when the urge or necessity to read happens, you are not scratching your head trying to decide which book is best. Just. Be. Patient.

Words That Never End

Unlike some of our favorite characters at the end of a book, we never get to the end of the words of the Lord. His words have no ending. (Matthew 24:35)

The Bible has been described as “the Book that contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of believers.” (Priscilla Howe) The teachings found in the Bible are holy, the promises are kept, and the history of the people and places is true. How can we not want to read God’s Word?

We have a light for our path.(Psalm 119:105) Our soul is fed when hungry.(Matthew 5:6) We are comforted when we need it most. (Matthew 11:28) Every time we read the Bible, we are given exactly what we need. The Bible is a directional guidance. It is a staff or rod for support and traction. It is also the sword for when we go to battle. Why would we not want to read God’s Word?

While reading the Bible is on a different level of anything else; it takes a purposeful reading like the Anne of Green Gables book to fall in love with reading it.

Will you join me in falling in love with reading the words that never end, fall in love with reading the Bible?

Read the Bible slowly. Read the Bible often.
Read the Bible prayerfully.

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