Earning Money While Shopping Online With Rakuten

Earning money by shopping online. It's a real thing I have been doing for years and you can too. The best part is it's free to join and super easy to shop.

Earn Money While Shopping Online With Rakuten

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Scrolling through my emails I love to find a subject titled “Your Monthly Cash Back Statement”. When I see those words, I forget all the other emails and focus on that one to see how much money I earned (for free) by shopping online through Rakuten, formerly Ebates. I love Rakuten, but I love earning free money even more. We've been members for almost three years and have earned over $500 just by shopping online.

Do you realize when you shop online you can save even more money by going through Rakuten first than you can by going directly to the online store? If not, you can. Right now with the start of Christmas shopping, buying online will earn you free money and fewer headaches than wandering through stores and malls with all the crazy shoppers.

Earning Money While Shopping Online With Rakuten

If you sign up with Rakuten right now, they will give you $10 for free. FOR FREE!  All you have to do is sign up, there is no credit card required.  The best thing, it's FREE to sign up!
Rakuten has over 2,000 stores (you know many) that have partnered up to help you earn money. The awesome thing about Rakuten, you can have family and friends sign up under you and Rakuten will pay you. How cool is that?

Each month, Rakuten features stores where you can earn double from your purchases. I feel sneaky when I earn double money. :)

The Daily Hot Deals are just that - deals for only one day where you can earn extra money.

Once you sign up, Rakutens is very easy to use. Find the store you want to shop or if you don’t know the store, search a brand name or item. Scroll through the offers and choose the one you want and click through to the store using the link they provide. That’s it! Then you too will receive those famous “Your Monthly Cash Back Statement”.

Rakuten has even started an in-store shopping and earning option. If you are comfortable registering a credit card with Rakuten and find and In Store Cash Back Offer you like you can earn money when you use that card. Macy’s, GNC, and World Market are three of the many stores where you can shop in store and earn. ** I’ve not linked a card with Rakuten.**

Big Fat Payments (your earnings) are sent quarterly to either Paypal or by check to your mailbox.  I have mine sent to Paypal for security reasons.

A Secret: 

Magazine subscriptions are a HUGE earner! What better way to earn money back and buy for the hard to buy for person on your shopping list?

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