5 Ways We Can Pray For Our New Leaders

Tomorrow is inauguration day. With it comes excitement and anticipation for many. But for others come fear and concern. Whichever side of the fence you are on there is one thing we can do to help these men being sworn into office. We can pray for our new leaders and their families.

5 Ways to Pray for Our New Leaders
There is no doubt in the stress level that comes with being the President and Vice President of the United States of America. They are not the only ones to suffer this stress but their families also; moving to a new residence, new school, and having someone at your elbow every moment would drive me insane.

America has not reached a point of no return. There is still time for things will turn around. God allowed these two men to be elected. He has a purpose in using them and He will get the glory in all things.

While many Americans are spewing hate filled words about our President-elect. There are many more standing behind him, praying.

5 Ways We Can Pray For Our Leaders

Protection – there’s a lot of hateful talk going around. I believe Donald Trump needs protection like no other president has needed. I’m praying for those who are in the position to stand before him as a line of defense. I’m praying the Lord’s army of angels will be encamped around these two men and their families wherever they go.

Wisdom – there is only one kind of wisdom our leaders need and that is the  wisdom of God. (James 3:17) When they follow their wisdom, things will become a mess, so a heavenly wisdom is a necessity.

Peaceful – it’s difficult living in a world racked with hatred. We need leaders who will be peace loving without selling out our country and allies. Praying for our leaders to be peaceful in all conversations and actions. (Hebrews 12:14)

Open to Reason – a good leader is one who listens. He knows he can’t do the job on his own, but with the help of others. Listening to others is so important when in leadership. (James 3:17)

A Clean Heart – our leaders need pure hearts in their personal lives. But for dealing with world powers and smaller inner-governmental powers, our leaders need clean hearts and hands
just as much also. They should not be found in the middle of misdealings for unethical reasons. (Psalm 51:10)

While there are many more areas our leaders need pray in, these are five ways I’m focusing on as our new leaders take office. Will you join me in praying for our new leaders?


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