Evolution and Two Reasons Why I'm Teaching It

Evolution is a word that brings a wide range of emotions in people. For many, fingers crammed into the ears and the refusal to discuss it is an act of behavior because they believe in the Biblical account of creation. Nothing more, nothing less. Then there are those, who believe in evolution and are well versed on the matter. They become loud and boisterous to those who have their fingers crammed in their ears refusing to listen. Name calling and finger pointing comes from both sides of the firing line.

Breaking Out of the Bubble and Teaching Evolution as a Christian Homeschooling Family.

Ignorance is shown from one side while intolerance is shown from the other. For our school at home, I’m teaching evolution. Before you think I've lost my mind, please continue reading; you'll see I haven't.


Two types of evolution we need to talk about

MACROEVOLUTION - evolution  that results in relatively large and complex changes (as in species formation)

An example of Macroevolution would be a fish changing into a monkey and then changing into a human.

MICROEVOLTUTION - comparatively minor evolutionary change involving the accumulation of variations in populations usually below the species level

In other words – adaption. An example of Microevolution would be different breeds of dogs. While the breed may differ, the species does not. Another example would be house sparrows. The birds were introduced to North America in the 1850’s. They evolved different characteristics in their bodies to adapt to the different locations. Larger bodies for colder climates – smaller bodies for warmer/hot climates.

Evolutionists lump these two together. When we disagree with them on evolution, we are disagreeing with microevolution.

During the three months my son attended public school in the third grade, he was introduced to macroevolution. He was quickly reprimanded by the teacher for speaking of it being false when asked. While I did not really focus on teaching evolution too much before that, I knew that would change. This momma was proud of her son for picking up on this teaching even though I never really discussed it with him. I was even more proud of him for taking a stand when asked what he believed. After all these years, I’m still scratching my head in wonder about reprimanding a child’s honest answer when he was asked about his belief in the first place.

The first time I mentioned teaching evolution to my son with someone, I was asked if I was concerned with him changing the way he believes. My answer was very simple, no. I don’t have the fear of him changing the way he believes because we find answers by reputable Christian scientists or organizations that have written articles on a specific area we are researching. We’ve also taught our son the Bible and the in and out of our beliefs.

Two Reasons Why I Teach Evolution

1. Exposure - I’m teaching about evolution because I want my son to be familiar with the subject. Just this school year, he was exposed to a huge amount of Big Bang Theory teaching because of his astronomy course. We’ve discussed it in the past and he was familiar with some of the aspects of it when he was studying.

At first, I was a little leery of him learning so much and even advised him to skip over it. But he mentioned he felt he needed to learn it so he would know more about it and be able to pick apart what is not scriptural in the teachings.

 I like a kid who is willing to learn so he will be more educated on a subject.

If I keep him in a bubble where he does not hear about evolution, he will not know how to respond to it when he attends college, if he chooses to go.

2. Wisdom – I do not want my son to look like an ignorant person when he tries to defend his beliefs. Microevolution is real. When he is defending what he believes, he’ll know which type he’s standing for and the type he is arguing against.

I remember growing up in church and the Christian school and evolution as a whole was taught to be false.  This has to stop! Churches and Christian schools need to bring in creationist who know the facts between the two and teach the differences. When we refuse to listen to the fact of microevolution, we are labeled ignorant.

As a home educating family, we are teaching in a way for our son to have a well rounded education and that means including evolution in our studies.

I am not promoting evolution for independent learning children. Parents NEED TO KNOW what their children are reading, watching, and studying.  Be proactive on a subject such as evolution.

Websites I recommend to aid in teaching on the subject:

Answers in Genesis       Creation Ministries International       Creation Moments

Biology 4 Kids        NASA SpacePlace       Khan Academy       Youtube 

Breaking Out of the Bubble and Teaching Evolution as a Christian Homeschooling Family.


  1. Lori, thank you for sharing your heart about this subject. I have to agree with you, our children need to know what they are taking a stand against. If we are not willing to expose them to some of those things, they will never know.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Denise.


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