Love is in the Air {A Series} Love One Another

Jesus loved people. He loved the ones who loved and followed after him, but he also loved those who were considered unlovable by many. Jesus lived an example for us to follow. The love Jesus showed while he was on earth is the same love he shows you and me. As Christians, we are to love everyone around us. Whether we agree with someone or not; there is to be no hatred towards another person.

It doesn’t take long for us to see people do not love others. It is obvious the people of our world have a serious heart problem. This is a heart problem that is growing worse every day and it needs to be corrected.

It’s a crying shame people have to worry about the clothing they wear for fear of being attacked. Business owners work hard to keep their business running during lean times have to deal with the destructive behavior of people who have no respect and love for others.

When did it become okay for people to loot and destroy the things that belong to others to get a point across? When did it become okay to attack another person because they believe differently than you do? It didn’t!

Love One Another

It’s not just out in the world we see this unloving behavior. We see it more and more in our churches today. Members who play the “I love you game” with their pastors and fellow members. But when the member has their toes stepped on or their feelings hurt, they quickly begin to gossip or leave the church altogether. This is not the kind of love Jesus expects from us. John 13:34-35

It’s not easy to love others, especially those who are difficult. But showing a love like Jesus did means we are to show love to everyone, even in the hard times. 1 John 4:7

To truly love one another there are three things we must to do.

1. Accept them – we can’t change people for our good. We must accept them, their good and bad points. We have to be patient while loving others. Romans 15:7, 1 Corinthians 13:4

2. Forgive them – people are not perfect. We must be willing to forgive their faults. Jesus forgave you, we have to extend that same forgiveness to others even if they don’t ask for it or deserve it. Colossians 3:13, 1 Corinthians 13:5

3. Respect them – we need to remember others were created by God. They are his creation whether they live like it or not. We need to value them as a soul who needs Jesus. Romans 12:10, Philippians 2:3-5

There is only one place the love we show others comes from and that is from the Lord. Our hearts must be full of God’s love for love to be shown to others. The love can’t come from any other place.  It’s a love that only God can give us to Love One Another.

I hope you'll join me again next week in our series Love is in the Air where I'll be sharing about Love, the Words of Jesus. Did you miss the first of the series? You can read One Love.

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