Leaving A Legacy That Will Impact Others

Any time I work on my family’s genealogy, I get swept up into an amazing history learning session. It’s one of those moments when everything else is set aside so I can dig a little deeper and learn a little more about the life of an ancestor. Researching is not an easy thing to do sometimes, but other times you’ll find a lead that opens the door to a goldmine of information just waiting to be found.

Over the years I have found an ancestor who came to America as an indentured servant who ended up owning a very large farm. I’ve found several men and a husband and wife who are listed together as patriots during the American Revolution. There was even a man who went AWOL during the War Between The States. Of course, there is the great uncle who was killed during World War II. When I look at what has been recorded for the ancestors in my family I can’t help but wonder if they left a legacy that would have impacted (for the good) others.
Leaving a Legacy that Will Impact Others

Leave a Legacy That Will Impact Others

When you think about people who have gone on before us, what kind of legacy did they leave? Something good to impact many generations that follow, or did they leave a legacy their future generations will want to hide?

Finding American Patriots in your family tree is amazing. It makes your heart swell with pride and want to learn all you can about them so you can share their history. But when you find someone with a negative mark about them it makes you wonder and want to hide that part of your history.

While God doesn’t call everyone to do big things in life, we can still do mighty things for Him. For the momma who is raising children and feel there is nothing else for you. Just remember, you may be touching the lives of hundreds or more through your children. Children who have been prayed over grow up and become pastors, missionaries, doctors, and even presidents. Raising children to live for the Lord is a mighty thing.

Leave a Legacy

While we may never do something big in life, those “little” mighty things we do for the Lord is what we want to be remembered about us. My future generations will know I was a wife, mom, and a teacher, but those are not what I want remembered.

There are many things I want to be remembered for but there are three legacies I want to pass down.

Strong faith in the Lord – without faith in the Lord, living life would be hard. He is the only One who can lead and guide while loving and giving me the protection I need. He is the only One who can give true peace. (I Corinthians 16:13)

Contentment – without contentment, one cannot be truly thankful.(Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:11, Hebrews 13:5 )

Forgiving – it’s not always easy to forgive. But we must break the chains of not forgiving others. When we forgive others as Christ forgives us, we model His life. (Ephesians 4:32)


Leaving a Legacy that Will Impact Others 


  1. Thank you for sharing. Mandy will be remembered for her amazing faith and beautiful smile.

  2. Yes, Sara, she sure will.

  3. Thank you for joining in.
    I knew her through her writings and through GMG
    God Bless Lori

  4. Her legacy is beautiful and points fully to God. Beautiful post.

  5. Yes, Mandy left a legacy worthy to be remembered.

  6. Thank you for taking part in this beautiful tribute to our daughter Mandy, Scott, Lizzie and little Judah.

    Rhonda Kelly (Mandy's mama)

  7. It was an honor to join in the tribute, Rhonda.


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