Honoring Our Husband: Rising Early in the Mornings

When I was single and going to college, I worked in a school lunchroom. Yep, I was the lunch lady! It was the perfect job for me to attend classes at night. No matter what, I was always home by 2:30 in the afternoon and had time to study and do whatever before I had to leave for class. I learned some interesting things from some of the ladies I worked with.

Honoring Our Husband: Rising Early in the Mornings
I'll never forget a conversation between some of the ladies. Most of the ladies were old enough to be my mother and some were closer to my age and all of them at that time had healthy marriages. One lady told how she got up every morning and fixed coffee and took it in to her husband so he could drink it while he was getting ready. Another, made a snide remark and said something like my husband would want to know what I was up to, bringing a cup of coffee. With that comment came giggles and laughter.

I spoke up and said, my mom does that; she takes my dad coffee every morning so he can drink it while he is getting ready for work. My sweet friend knew my mom and said she could see her doing that.

Honoring Our Husband: Rising Early in the Mornings

The one thing these ladies had in common; they got up with their husbands, cooked breakfast, packed a lunch, and gave them a kiss and told them have a good day. This was something my mom did every morning when my dad worked. When my husband and I got engaged, his mother told me, "Don't start doing something for him, unless you are willing to keep doing it for the rest of your life." I was blown away when she told me that. She was a wife who got up and did little things for her husband every morning and when he returned in the evening. Why would she tell me this? I had no clue!

 After all these years, I still want to scratch my head and wonder what she was talking about. After almost nineteen years of marriage, I still get up with my husband in the mornings. Breakfast is cooked, lunch is packed, a kiss and have a good day is spoken at the door. I can not count on my hands how many days my husband has gone to work with me still laying in the bed because it has never happened.

Why do I get up in the mornings with my husband?

  • I had a good example in my mother.
  • Proverbs 31:15 talks about the wife getting her day started while it is still dark.
  • I enjoy the quite moments I have every morning with my husband before the daily grind weighs on him. I never know when when these moments could end, so I take advantage of them.
  • I pray for safety and a peaceful day as soon as the door closes.

 While some would say I'm old fashioned - I look at this as part of my ministry to my husband.


  1. Lori, I love this! Doing little things for my husband is the least I could do for him since he works hard so I can be at home with my children.

  2. I do the same Lori, even though his alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and I have the privilege of staying home to work. I didn't always feel this way, especially when I worked full time. But I've come to appreciate all he does as a provider and feel blessed with the opportunity to have a husband, and to be able to bless him.

    Thank you for writing this encouraging post.

  3. This goes to show you never know who is watching you!

  4. You're right, Momma. Someone is always watching.

  5. Thanks, Patti. It really should be a blessing to spend time with our husbands.


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