The Loneliness of Jesus

Moving away and leaving everything of familiar behind can be hard. It is hard. Learning your way around to find businesses and offices takes time. Finding a church where you feel at home, hopefully happens, but sometimes it doesn't. Making new friends can be a problem if there is no hospitality shown.

The Loneliness of Jesus, He Endured It for You and Me

Being the southern girl I am, it was hard for me to have to repeat myself more than one time when talking to people when we lived in Montana. I had to do the same thing with some locals because of a lingering German or Scandinavian accent. Sometimes we both giggled and smiled, but other times it was hard to not give a scowl back in the situation. Leaving behind what is familiar can bring loneliness. We are not alone in facing loneliness, Jesus experienced it also.

The Loneliness of Jesus

I recently read about the loneliness of Jesus. I have never thought about Jesus being lonely and how he must have felt while living on earth. Jesus lived a perfect life with ways and thoughts no other person could understand. It must have been hard for Jesus to live a perfect life when he was a boy. Even Mary and Joseph couldn't fully understand what Jesus experienced. I'm sure they were not able to stop stinging words and actions of others towards Jesus; just like we can't with our own children. The siblings of Jesus dealt with obvious differences between them. Even some of them didn’t believe him (John 7:5) until after his resurrection. (Acts 1:14)

Jesus had a LOVE for people like no other. While a few accepted who Jesus was, there were many more who rejected Him. (Isaiah 53:3) Because of this, Jesus wept (Matthew 23:37-39) for Jerusalem the last time he entered the city.

In a very human sense, Jesus was alone.

Jesus came to earth for one purpose - to save the lost. (Luke 19:10) While fulfilling the promise God made, Jesus had to endure rejection and hatred by those who did not believe in him. He endured a betrayal by one of his disciples, a beating that no regular man could have lived through. Jesus even endured the task of carrying his cross until another took over. He endured the effect of taking on the sin of the world while hanging on the cross. I can't imagine being forsaken by my family. But Jesus experienced being forsaken (Matthew 27:46) by the Heavenly Father.

Jesus, the only one who can truly understand our loneliness when we experience it, is the One who understands it and takes it away.

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