Homeschool High School Curriculum Choices

Usually, I would have already rung the bell for the start of the new school year. With this being our last year, my sweet boy asked if he could wait a little longer to start. How could I deny a little more time for summer ramblings to the one who will be graduating next spring? It’s hard to think about my “little” boy about to enter adulthood, but he is and I am happy for him. I’m excited about some of the courses my son will be taking this year because they show him as growing into a fine young man.
Homeschool High School Curriculum Choice {Grade 12}

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Homeschool High School Curriculum Choices {Grade 12}


Last year, we enjoyed just reading through the Old Testament and reading books by different preachers.  We’ll be doing the same thing this year while reading through the New Testament.


Business Math is our study this year. While we’ve spent the last three years focusing on higher maths, it’s time to focus on real world math that is used in everyday life. I looked at several publishers comparing them with ACE and I’m still wondering why it's not called Consumer Math.


We will be working on English Composition from Saylor Academy. (We had a good experience last
it’s called business instead of consumer math. English year with their Astronomy.) Their Pre College English course teaches a great deal of note taking, so we’ll be hitting those sections up. 


My son loves the history of airplanes. In fact, he is considering joining the Air Force. Because of his love and future, he will be studying Aerospace. I was able to download the book for free because of the insisting of my student not wanting to deal with a big book. (I can always order the book later on if needed.) 


We didn’t get to Economics last year because I made the decision to pull from a very well known free
homeschool curriculum website for government. It was a huge mistake on my part because it didn’t turn out like I was hoping, so I had to buy the Government course from Abeka. 

Wilderness Survival 

When Jamie went to survival camp several years ago and liked it, I knew I wanted to do something fun and exciting during his final year. A while back, I came across this website doing some research. 
It uses the Boy Scouts Merit Badge Books. (You can download the pamphlet and workbook for the merit badges) For our needs, we’ll be using a few of the books along with what my husband has learned over the years. This is definitely a father and son course with momma joining in with a camera to record the experience.

HTML Coding 

Discovery K12 Online Homeschool has this course. It’s free to sign up for an account and use their curriculum and has the lesson plans laid out for us. That’s a big plus for me.


As I mentioned earlier, my sweet boy is considering joining the Air Force. He’s thinking about the free college and hands on learning for airplane maintenance or possibly computers. He has a secret desire of rebuilding WWII era airplanes one day. What better way to fulfilling that dream than by joining the Air Force. I asked in a homeschool Facebook group about which book to buy. A wife to an airman recommended the ASVAB Premier 2017-2018 by Kaplan.

I'm sure you've noticed the free resources we'll be using. Now days, there are tons of free online resources for homeschoolers. Of all the years of home education, this will be our least expensive year even if I have to buy the Aerospace textbook.

You can see our previous curriculum choices HERE.

If you’re a homeschooling family do you have your curriculum chosen?

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