Learning to Communicate - 5 Tips to Help

Communication is vital in all relationships and it’s a must for any marriage.

When the line of communicating with each other is closed our natural defense mechanism builds up barriers and they begin to spiral out of control. Learning to communicate with your spouse shows you care about them and your marriage.

Learning to Communicate -5 Tips to Help #marriage #communication

Learning to Communicate – 5 Tips to Help

Be a Listener

A major factor in communicating is listening; true listening. By giving your full attention to your spouse while speaking without butting in shows them what they have to say is important to you. If clarification is needed, ask for it. Questions like, “I’m not sure what you’re saying, or could you repeat that?” are simple enough questions that won’t come across as being judgmental or uncaring.

Be Aware of Emotions

If you’ve been together for a while then you know the emotions your spouse has during times of discussions. Show the love and respect you have for them, don’t belittle them because they easily cry or clam up. Look them in the eye and say their name when you are talking to them. A touch on the arm or hand will let them know you are in tuned to what they have to say.

Be Empathetic to Their Viewpoint

There are two people in this relationship. Each one has a viewpoint and for many they are different. Instead of trying to change the other, be considerate and not judgmental. If the discussion is a hot topic, and emotions are beginning to run wild, consider taking a break from the discussion until a later time.

Be an Encouragement

Be encouraging with your words. While the discussion may not be something you are passionate about or really want to discuss, encouraging the other person lets them know they are valued. The subject of the discussion is important to them, let them know it’s also important to you.

Be Slow to Speak

Think before you speak. Are you using wisdom with what you are about to share? Think it through before speaking because wisdom helps in these situations.
Learning to communicate takes time because we are not born with a natural talent for it. Don’t give up. Communicating is a joint effort. In a marriage, good communication allow couples to talk freely about anything.
One last important factor of good communication as a couple is it shows your children it can be done and they have an example to follow.
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Learning to Communicate - 5 Tips to Help #marriage #communication

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