Saving Money with Babies and Children

Of all the advice I was given about buying for my new baby, my mom’s advice was perfect. Don’t buy or ask for anything you know you won’t use. That was 19 years ago, and it still rings true when I’m shopping.  No matter what kind of budget you have, you can still save money on babies and children.

No matter what kind of budget you have, you can still save money on babies and children. #savingmoney #baby #children

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Saving Money with Babies and Children

Maura from Happy Deal Happy Day shares 6 Ways to Save Money on Baby Items for First Time Moms
When my son was a baby, we had a bulk diaper discount store in the area. I was thrilled to know I would be able to save money on diapers until several friends of mine told me they were poor quality. They were cheaply made – tabs wouldn’t stick, and they did not absorb anything; there was no moister-proofing on the outer layers. For Christmas that year, when asked what we wanted for our son, we told everyone diapers. Other than a few hard headed people, we received more diapers than you could imagine.
Sarah from Must Have Mom shares 10 Things You DON’T Need To Buy For Your Baby!
We purchased a dresser that had a changing table built into it. Once the changing table days were over, we removed the sides and pad.
Tiffany From Living Sweet Moments shares Saving Money on Baby Clothes
I was asked about hand-me-downs before my son was born by a friend and fellow teacher who had two little boys. I told her yes, I would be happy to take them. I was excited about getting these clothes until a fellow teacher rained on my parade. She told me I didn’t want used clothes for my new baby and that I would only be given cast-offs that were not fit to wear. Because of my sweet friend and the mother of a little girl I taught, my new little fellow had enough clothes for eight months without me even having to buy anything, unless I wanted to.
Katie from Double the Batch shares How to Raise a Family on a Small Budget
Live within your means. You don’t have to not enjoy life living on a small budget. There will be times when you have to get creative or plan ahead to be able to enjoy those extra special things.
Alison from Pint-Sized Treasures shares How We Raise Six Kids on a Tight Budget
Healthy hygiene is so important with children. Washing hands after coming in from places and being around those with colds help keep germs down. Healthy kids keep the budget from being expanded on medical costs.
How do you save money with babies and children?
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