Having Hope - 7 Days of Scripture Writing

Hope is a word I pray for every day. I pray I don’t lose hope in the Lord. I mentioned in January how I chose Hope as my word for the year and how it changed to the phrase, Hope in God. As Christians, no matter what we are going through we have hope. Having hope in the Lord helps ease the storms of life.
Having Hope - 7 Days of Scripture Writing #faith #spiritualgrowth #hope

This week, I finished reading the book of Job, again. I love Job’s story. You can feel the pain he is going through as you read. Real pain many are feeling right now. A pain that cuts to the inner core, a feeling as if it will never end. An experience many on the outside can’t comprehend. Just like Job, we’ve experienced family telling us to forget about our faith and friends with judgmental, pointing fingers ready to point out all of our faults during a time of hurt. But, then the Lord steps in and soothingly applies soft words of hope and encouragement to help ease the pain. Once Job is on the other side of his storm, he is blessed beyond his imagination.

The only thing different between Job and us, many of us are not willing to keep our faith and hope in God; to hang on just a little longer to see what He will do. We'll walk away from everything we believe because we feel the suffering is too much to bear. Sad!

When we walk away from God, we don’t have His strength to carry on. He is who gives us the strength we need and without Him; we have to bear life’s problems alone. It’s easier to bear life’s problems with God’s strength!

One thing that I have tucked away in my heart for later remembrance – God does great and mighty things that we don’t fully understand. Because of that, we need to stand still and watch what He does. Our hardships are not given so God can be mean, they are given so we can grow in Him.

Having Hope - 7 Days of Scripture Writing #faith #spiritualgrowth #hope

Hope – 7 Days of Scripture Writing

Deuteronomy 31:6,8 - Be strong. Be courageous. Fear not. The Lord will never leave us.
Psalm 39:7- 8 – Be patient, the Lord is working behind the scenes.
Isaiah 40:28-31 – While we feel faint in waiting, the Lord gives the strength we need to run and walk.
Isaiah 41:8-10 - We are chosen. God is our God. He will give the help we need.
Jeremiah 17:7-8 - We are blessed when we put our trust and faith in God. When the rough times come, we can flourish because of Him.
Joel 3:16 – The Lord is our hope. He will be our strength during trials.
Romans 5:1-5 - We can have peace because of God. We can have hope because of God.

No matter what you are going through, stand firm, keep your faith and don’t lose hope. God is with you each step of the way.

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Having Hope - 7 Days of Scripture Writing #faith #spiritualgrowth #hope


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