10 Ideas for Summer Fun With Your Kids

Summer break is upon us! For many parents having their children at home quickly turns into a nightmare because they feel they need to keep their children entertained. It doesn’t hurt children in the least bit to use their creativity to entertain themselves. But special moments of fun is always a surprise and enjoyed by everyone and they don’t have to be all day events. Today I’m sharing 10 ideas for summer fun with your kids.
10 Ideas for Summer Fun With Your Kids #summer #fun #family

10 Ideas for Summer Fun With Your Kids

1. Summer Reading Program – the summer reading program at your local library is a perfect way to keep your children reading through the summer. Whether you have a bookworm or a reluctant reader, leisurely reading is a nice way to include moments of quiet time.
2. Aluminum Foil River – swimming pools and splash pads are nice, but an aluminum foil river is awesome! Stock on foil at the Dollar Tree for hours of fun.
3. Pool Noodle Boats – these little boats will be perfect for floating down your foil river.
4. Sponge Balls for Water Play – if your children are old enough, have them cut the sponges! These are perfect because they are reusable all summer long.
5. Glow in the Dark Bowling – water bottles and glow sticks. If you have older children – teens, they’ll love this idea.
6. Pool Noodle Games – soccer, croquet, or even just passing a ball through the hoops. This is perfect for little ones learning motor skills.
7. Cold Drink Ideas – Instant Ice and Self Freezing Sodas  these are perfect for a hot day!
8. Water Balloon Baseball – the combination of water and baseball; a fun way to spend time outdoors.
9. Backyard Obstacle Course – creating an obstacle course is perfect for running off energy.
10. Solar Ovens – using an old pizza box is a great way to make a solar oven. You can even make an awesome little Solar Hot Dog CookerSolar S’mores sounds like a delightful dessert. You can even use regular boxes to make an oven and enjoy Solar Oven Pizza.
As you can see these 10 ideas for summer fun with your kids are not day-long activities and all of them are on the cheap. Just fun ways to make your summer together enjoyable.

10 Ideas for Summer Fun With Your Kids #summer #fun #family

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