Questions to Ask Before Praying for Your Husband

It’s difficult to know what to say. To have the right words when praying for others. To be tongue-tied when trying to speak the words, God wants to hear. He wants to hear our words as they roll from our tongue, not just those we quietly speak in our hearts.
Questions to Ask Before Praying for Your Husband
What about attitude? That too may not be right. We may be selfishly praying, but what if we’re not? The Bible says, “all things work together for good”, are our selfish prayers part of those things?

Sometimes our motivations are not for them but for ourselves. Are those words of manipulation, trying to get our way in changing another person, our husband?

We married the man of our dreams. (For some, this man may not be one of their dreams but is the one to take them from whatever tumultuous situation they were in.) The man we chose to spend our life with. This man would be the father of our children. The man who was put into the leadership of our family. With this man, we will grow old together.

I’ve had to give up control of my life because I said, “I do”. For some, they feel this way. But for others, they don’t see giving up control but see it as a partnership benefit of having another to give advice and leadership. Submitting is easy for them.

What if he is not who we thought? What if he walked away from his faith? I’ve heard of others say, “for God to do whatever it takes”, but do I really mean whatever it takes? Whatever it takes could mean death, sickness, homelessness, and divorce.

No husband should have to face the day without a loving, supportive wife praying for them. Especially one whose wife is a Christian. But yet, tonight there will be many who will go to sleep and not one prayer was spoken on their behalf.

These are Five Ways I Pray for My Husband.


True or False: Praying for my husband will give me control and the things I want in him.

False: I don’t want to control his life, I want what is best for my husband. When I pray for him, I can use that time to ask God to direct his paths even if my husband is not seeking any direction. Praying for him will strengthen my relationship with the Lord and my husband. It should cause me to want to cling to the One who created us and the one who I care about and love.

True or False: Praying for my husband is easy all the time.

False: Sometimes I don’t feel as I love him as I should for whatever reason. I feel like why even bother during those times. I know I’m not lovable at all times, but I would not want someone to stop praying for me just because of something I say or do. During those moments, I don’t know what to pray for; my selfishness shows.

**I wish there were older women still encouraging me to love my husband. Where are these women, are they no longer in the church? Or do they not see the need that women like me still need help? What happened to those times of teaching and learning? They’ve all become a “feel good” session. Are we so caught up with the things around us that we are too busy to slow down and teacher another or learn from them without a time of judging each other because of their generation?

True or False: If I pray for my husband and nothing happens, I will give up because at least I tried.

False: It takes continued prayer a lot of times to get an answer. If I give up, then I will have failed him in one area of my love for him. Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

True or False: Should I pray for myself first before praying for my husband?

True: I should open myself up for inspection and ask for forgiveness. With sin in my life, it will hinder my prayers. I can’t ask for a change in my husband, if I am not willing to put it all out there and being willing to change myself.

True or False: Have you ever considered asking your husband, "How can I pray for you?"

True: I have done this in the past and it opened up a line of communication that wasn’t there previously. I need to do this more often.

I’d like to thank my sweet friend Ruth for sharing these questions with me and several other ladies. I learned a lot by answering them myself.

Questions to Ask Before Praying for Your Husband

Do you have questions you would add to this list? If so, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear them and maybe even add them to this list.


  1. Lori, I love this post. You have written it in a way that makes me think. While I'm not necessarily at the older woman age, I now realize I can be teaching others while still being willing to learn from the older women. I agree with you, where are these women? It's almost as if they feel they will offend the younger women so it's best to not speak up. But, are the younger women really willing to listen to those who have already experienced life? Many are not and it shows on tv and social media. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. I'm so glad this has been an encouragement to you, Denise. "Willing to learn", that is it! We have to be willing to learn no matter who is doing the teaching. :)


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