5 Ways to be Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, are you ready? This time of year brings about the feeling of dread when you think about what needs to be completed to have your house ready. But, never fear because you can be ready without a lot of work.
5 Ways to be Ready for the Holidays


Declutter -
If you are like me and deep clean a room every month, then decluttering should not be a problem. But, if you are not like me, don’t focus on deep cleaning. Try decluttering a room. Removing the clutter will change the way a room looks without the extra elbow grease. Inspect what you have, if it is something you can toss or donate, do it. Don’t let things that add no value to your life keep you from having a clutter-free home.
Deep Cleaning-
Having a sparkly clean home for when guests arrive is a gift in itself. If you’ve not deep cleaned your home since the turn of the century, it is okay. Because your home can be guest ready with a little work. Prepare ahead of time and don’t procrastinate.
When cleaning, don’t forget the refrigerator. Those party leftovers will need a place to go. If your refrig is clean, then you have more room for yummy foods. And if you have an Aunt Nosey Rosey, you’ll be thankful for cleaning out your refrigerator.
One thing many people forget (me included) – the vacuum. You want that monster to suck, not suck when you are trying to clean up crumbs or scrippy scraps of paper and tissue. Change out the filter and don’t forget to clean the brush head. Double check the hose for any clogs.
Set Timers-
There’s nothing like having a beautifully decorated house and forget to turn the decoration lights on. The holidays bring about a busyness that some times causes us to forget little things. Timers are a perfect way to not forget the twinkling lights.
Stock up on the Essentials -
Now is the time to buy all of your baking needs for the holidays. Everything is on sale for Thanksgiving, so buy dry ingredients and store them for all of your Christmas baking. Don’t forget the coffee, filters, and creamer for those last minute coffee get togethers.
As you can see, it doesn't take a lot to get ready for holiday guests. Do you have any simple ways to add?
5 Ways to be Ready for the Holidays


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