It Starts in the Home

Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, and Self Worth – they all start in the home.
We live in a world of chaos. Listening to the local news gives a perfect view of what is all around us. Murder, rape, and theft are the top three subjects in most news segments.  Disrespect of another’s belief and opinion is becoming prominent and talked about more. It’s as if society has lost her mind.

Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, and Self Worth – they all start in the home.

This is nothing new. This has been brewing for years; generations in fact. My grandparents were of The Interbellum Generation / The Greatest Generation, my parents are of The Silent Generation and both had their problems. But even the problems were before then.
When we watch period drama movies and TV shows, we see a more simple life.  A life that shows respect and kindness. It’s as if life back then didn’t have problems. But they did; there was murder, rape, theft, and disrespect; just not as much.
There was something there not found in many homes today. A fear of a Higher Power. A fear of God. Everyone had this fear, even the non-believers.
When families removed God from their lives, it opened the door to other things. You can’t remove God from your life and not expect the void to not fill up. It will, but with what?


Several years ago, I signed into Facebook and a status came through about kids being mean.
The parent wouldn’t give the details about what happened when questioned by others. Those who agreed only said things like “yes, they are” and  “we live in a sad world” and they all agreed with each other.
One not so popular comment mentioned the root of the problem – “it starts in the home”. Not one word of agreement, not one little thumbs up. Everyone had something to say, but no one wanted to admit the problem.
Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, and Self Worth – they all start in the home.
As parents, it is up to us to teach our children kindness, respect, gratitude, and self worth. Our children should hear the words they need in their lives.
Our actions speak louder than words, so if our actions are going against what we say, our children know it. They are smart and pick up on the differences.
Another thing, we must make sure your children never hear words we should not say to them.
Several years ago, I watched a question-and-answer session with a well known TV show host. She was asked if there was ever a time while raising her children she wishes she could change.  The woman told how she spewed the words, “I hate you” to her child during a difficult time. When she saw the look on his face, it brought her to her knees. 
Be the kind of person you want your children to become. If you live toxicity, they will become toxic.
The words we say to our children matter.
Teaching children to love and respect themselves and others is hard in today’s society. Movies, magazines, and toy makers have created the ideal of the perfect person. If you don’t look or sound anything like it, you are not worthy.  This is a problem we face daily and until the Lord returns we will continue with being pressured to look and act a certain way to be considered worthy of others.
I believe self worth is a major problem for many people today. When I see the mugshot of an assailant, I can’t help but wonder how they feel about themselves.   Do they feel worthy of life?
It is important that we are teaching our children their life matters, but so does every other life. Even those we don’t agree with on things. Everyone has their own opinion, and it is okay to disagree with it, but it is not okay to disrespect that person because of it.
Kindness and respect must be shown to others.



Kindness -  Good will; benevolence; that temper or disposition which delights in contributing to the happiness of others...

Respect -  To regard; to have regard to in design or purpose. To view or consider with some degree of reverence; to esteem as possessed of real worth.

Gratitude – it’s different from thankfulness. Gratitude is an emotion while thankfulness is an act. We have to teach our children how to have the spirit of gratitude and to show thankfulness.

Self Worth – not the same as self esteem. Self worth is who you are while self esteem is what you can do.

Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, and Self Worth – they all start in the home.

Not all children will abide by the way they were raised. Some become toxic after they leave the home. Then, there are many who have pulled themselves out of the mire in the childhood home as adults.
While most of my readers are followers of Christ, I tried to write this article in such a way that it doesn’t focus on Christianity, but on good morals. After all, we know good moral people who are not followers of Christ.
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Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, and Self Worth – they all start in the home.


  1. Lori, thank you so much for such a grace filled post, and for the opportunity to be linked to it. I am thoroughly enjoying reading the other blog posts included.Best wishes Penny Hope found in M.E.

  2. It all begins in the home.Profound statement.

  3. Lori, you are right. We are to be an example for our children and it starts in our homes. Thank you for sharing your words.


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