Quickly Speeding By

I'm in awe of how fast this week has flown by. I still can't believe today is Friday! Just last week, I was looking forward to all that I had planned on doing around the house. I guess having my husband home for two days, helped speed the passing time.

My house is back to normal ~ all of my Christmas decorations came down on Sunday night. I honestly dislike the decorating and undecorating part of any holiday season. It all comes down rather quickly!
I am almost finished with everything that I had planned for this week. I dropped my sewing machine off to have it looked at. I'm thinking that I'll probably wish I spent that money on a new one. I'll know when I get it back. My sewing room has been thoroughly cleaned. I'm a little surprised at myself for allowing it to get in the shape it was, but I'm so happy to see the tables and all the fall and Christmas fabrics put away.
Today, I'll be planning school work. I'm excited about this and I'm dreading this.  Every time I plan, things change. Of course I dislike change! So I decided that I'm using erasable ink! Yes, you read that correctly, I'm not losing my sanity. In the past, I was always a Pencil Mom, but I've moved on to being a Pen Mom and to keep from having to buy stock in white out/correction tape, I'm going to be using erasable ink on the actual lesson plans. Permanent ink on the planning notes, so I can be reminded of what changes I make. I know, shocking isn't it?!
The last thing that I'll be doing either tonight or in the morning, I'll be moving all of my 2010 photos from off the computer and I'll be going through  pdf files that I've saved and never used. My laptop will thank me for this, I'm sure.   
                     I hope you all have a safe Happy New Year!

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