When Does It Stop?!

I’ve been contemplating. Everywhere we look there are things going on that need to stop. Some are things we can control, while others are under the control of another. I normally don’t share about politics, but thanks to a social media platform, I’ve realized things, I’ve learned things, and I’ve shared things. Be warned, I can’t promise this will be the only time I ever write about the political state of our country.

When Does It Stop?!

It wasn’t until I heard the words furlough and non-essential when I realized Congress, the Senate, and the White House have government employees by the throat. Throat is a word I write, while another word dances in my mind. Just being real.

In 2014, my family was visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park on one of our many trips there since it was close to home. I was talking with a ranger about her job and our family moving to Montana from Georgia. She was also a Georgia native, and we loved hearing about each other’s likes and dislikes of the area.

Our government had just gone through a shutdown 4 months earlier (October 2013) and that meant “non-essential” workers were furloughed and the national parks had been closed. Some rangers in the parks were considered “non-essential”; this ranger was one of them.

In 2019, I heard “non-essential” again. Every time I walked down the hall from my classroom, all I heard was a mainstream media news channel playing in the reception area, and for days they talked about “non-essential” workers being furloughed during the government shutdown.

No one wanted to explain who these “non-essential” workers were.

During a meal out, my husband and I heard a conversation from a table and how the older man was one of those “non-essential” workers. He was not worried because he could financially handle a 30-60 day furlough, but longer than that, he would worry. While he was financially secure, he knew most of those he worked with were not so lucky.

Again this year, we have heard the words “non-essential” jobs. These jobs are not crucial to society and must stop. 

Really? How can anyone tell another person their job is not essential?

When does this stop?!

For weeks, I heard and read complaints of people with no paycheck coming in. Families complaining about homeschooling their children. How those children needed to be in school for socialization along with face to face learning with a teacher. Don’t even get me started on "forced" homeschooling and socialization.

Time and time again, I have come across videos of small business owners who are following the guidelines of their state, but yet, they are being dumped on by those very leaders. But I’m also finding more small businesses calling out those leaders.

Every single job is essential. It is essential to the one who is working that job. It is essential to keep a roof over one’s head with food on the table. Every job is essential.

I find it humorous those who deem another person’s job as “non-essential” are the ones who are set for life financially. They have an income paid by tax dollars. And many of them leave office as multi-millionaires while they are an elected public servant. 

Curious what they consider an essential job according at Homeland Security? There are 14 categories of essential jobs.

When does this stop?!

While many Americans need help. Most will agree they don’t want a handout, they want to work. They want to provide for their family. They do not want to rely on the government. Those who abuse the system should be held accountable and cut off.

Talking about those who abuse the system -

It is time for We the People to take back our government. Remind those in Washington, they work for us and hold them accountable. Career politicians should be removed from office with term limits.

I believe they should create modest housing for those who go to Washington and they are to live there. No more expensive housing on taxpayer’s dime. No expensive dining for elected officials and their staff.

They should set spending budgets and any overage comes out of their personal pockets. Let them learn how to work on a budget like many Americans.

Those who are against the 2nd Amendment should have no armed agents for protection.

They should review all banking records to make sure there are no shady deals going on while in office. How does a public servant leave office with millions of dollars to their name?

Curious to read what is in the 900 Billion Dollar Stimulus Bill? Pour a cup of your favorite drink, it’s 5,593 pages.

Scan through it and search for all the money that is leaving our country to fund other countries (Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, and Burma, just to name a few) while defunding ours...in a Stimulus Bill that is supposed to help our citizens.

Yes, there is always pork spending happening in Washington and has been for many years.

But when does this stop?!

When Does It Stop?!


  1. Hi Lori! I hope your family had happy holidays. I love it when you share what many are thinking. I didn't know Homeland Security was in charge of labeling jobs. I'm going over to see what category my family are in. I love the modest housing idea. I think Congressmen and Senators should live and work within a budget. Washington D.C. should be on a tight budget, just like most Americans. You are right, when does it stop?

    1. We had very good holidays, thanks for asking. Yeah, I try not to sit and listen/watch the news because they won't report what is really going on. But I also try not to spend a lot of time on social media because of all the name calling. But every once in a while, I'll log on and read what is not being reported and it boils my blood. We are living in a time I never thought would be like this, so I write my feelings and thoughts, and this is how this post came about. Thanks for being a faithful reader and leaving comments.


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