Home Sweet Homeschool -Sue Maakestad

I love the library! You can find a book pertaining to just about anything - and they're FREE to borrow! The only hang up about the library - you have to give the good ones back :) I also look at the library as being a preview read, before I spend the money on it. This is one of those books, I had to buy after finding it at the library.

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I was at the library on Saturday and picked up several books for History and Science. I came across the section on test preparations in that section is all the "home school manual." I usually don't look at these because they are basically what worked for their family. Since every family is different,well each book is different.
As I was looking through the shelves, I came across this book Home Sweet Home-School: A Survivor's Gide to Giving Your Kids a Quality Education by Sue Maakestad. I read through some of the pages, just to see what it was about - I loved what I read, so the book came home with me.
This book is perfect for those of us who are not perfect. I don't know anyone who home schools and has a perfect day. Even when I taught school, I did not have any perfect days. There is always something that is going to go wrong. This is not the type of book that tells you what type of schooling methods to use. This is a book that encourages parents to get up and take control of their children's lives. If we parents don't do it, no one else will.
The thing that really hit me - I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE. I have to pray and ask God to help me, but not only me, my son also. This is something that has to be done every morning, before school starts. I can't take for granted that my day is going to go smoothly.
You can purchase your own copy.

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