What I Did...

Actually it's what we did for my birthday. My husband and son were so excited about getting me up to open presents that I did not even have time to change out of my Winnie the Pooh Pjs.

Thank goodness, they gave me time to wash and dry my hair. They bought me a new Bible. My old one is exactly 20 years old. I had gotten it on my 18th birthday. Yep, do the math..My other big present was a Kitchenaid Mixer. Yippie!!! I had asked for one of those a a couple of years ago. I had given up on it, since I never got it.

For lunch, we went to Atlanta to The Old Spaghetti Factory. All I can say is,"Yummo!" I had the Chicken Parmigiana,(this is the best, that I have ever eaten) my husband had the Chicken Fettuccine, Monkey had the Spaghetti and giant Meatballs. For a light dessert, they brought out the complimentary 3 flavored ice cream.

From Atlanta, we drove up to Braselton, to the Mayfield Dairy and got an ice cream cone. Yeah, I know, we had just had ice cream. But hey, it was my birthday!

Then we went up to Commerce, to the Tanger Outlet Mall. There is not much there, that I like to go to, but I love to go to the $5 Christian Bookstore. I bought 4 books. I can't wait to read them. I just had a "brain bubble" and I can't remember the names of the books. I guess, that is a sign of the old age, creeping in.

We went to the Lodge store. My husband bought a 5 piece cast iron kit, that I have wanted for awhile. The kit included 2 frying pans, 10 inch Dutch oven,lid and griddle.

I ran in the Dress Barn and found 2 really cute outfits. The only draw back, I was being watched and followed by a sales lady. When I turned around, she was right on my heels. I asked her if I could help her. She said,"No." Then I tried to be nice...I asked her why was she following me. Her answer (with a shocked look on her face) ," Oh, I'm not. I'm just... I'm ..Do you need help?" I laughed, I told her never mind, I'll go to the store at Discover Mills.

I'm glad I went. I found 2 different outfits, that I just loved. These were included in my birthday loot.

I just realized, that I have not downloaded my pictures from yesterday. So I'll add them tomorrow.

I am truly blessed! I have the most wonderful husband and son. They really spoil me rotten.


  1. Ooh! What a blessing!
    So glad you had a wonderful time!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy all of your newbies!

    ~ Christina

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!! When you came to Commerce, you were only about 20 minutes from me!!!! However, Carissa and I have been down with the flu, so I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to be around us. We like the Christian bookstore too. :)


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