We're Home...for a short time

We got home tonight. On Thursday, we left for Cornelia, Georgia, to attend a Jubilee. After that one service, we drove to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a Winter Jubilee that had been held there for 16 years. We met up with our Pastor and his wife.

Yesterday afternoon, we were able to go to the Apple Barn. I love this place. They have every possible thing that you can imagine that has to do with apples. We ate at the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. Of all the times that I have been, Friday was the first time, we ate there. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The food is wonderful. I ate the Chicken and Dumplings... I hate to say this, but their's blows the Cracker Barrel's out of the water. The Apple Butter is AWESOME!!!! I have never cared for apple butter, until I tasted the Apple Barn's, when my parents brought some home several years ago. Mom says that it tastes just like what my Grandmother use to make. Imagine that!!!!

We then went to the Smokey Mountain Knife Works. This is a huge store that is all about knives. I love going in this store. They have some really neat antique knifes and guns that are on display. In fact the store is pretty much a museum you can wonder through while you shop. My husband bought me a new serrated knife for cutting homemade bread.

On our way out of Pigeon Forge, we went over to Townsend. This is a quite little town that draws tourists that are making their way to Cades Cove. Today we stopped in the visitors center. We picked up a National Park Stamp for Monkey's National Parks Passport. While we were there, some of the descendants of the settlers who lived in Cades Cove, where displaying some of their family's history. I was able to talk with a descendant of the Sparks family. She told me about the old home sight and the cave that she played in while she was young. I asked about the location. Believe it or not I had seen the old road before and never walked up it. The road is blocked, so you have to walk.

To make a long story short... We went exploring for the cave -we found it. Another couple was coming up behind us. The man told us to come in with them. So we did. Now that I think about it, we could have been in a cave with an axe murderer and his accomplice and did not even know it. They could have hacked us to pieces and no one would have known about it. ---DID I EVER TELL YOU I HAVE A WILD IMAGINATION? Actually, the couple were school bus drivers, who had brought a group for a field trip recently. They came back to check out the cave without the worries of children.

Inside we saw, small brown bats, small stalactites and one huge stalagmite. Since the park rangers had gated off most of the large room that you walk into, we had to peek through to see the opening of the other large room. This was amazing to see. We did not have to pay to see this wonderful creation of our Lord.

We went into one of the old churches in the cove. It was the Missionary Baptist Church. I always get a neat feeling, when we walk into the churches. I like to sit in one of the pews and wonder what person sat there a hundred years ago. What they must have been like, what kind of worries were on their minds, what kind of home life they lived. Then I like to stand behind the pulpit and look out on the pews and wonder what types of faces would have been looking back at me.

While we were at the pulpit, we noticed that people left Bibles there, in honour of loved ones. I think it is so people will write their names on the inside flyleaf instead of all over the pulpit and walls. While I turned through a Bible, I came across a note that was left. It said, " Thank you Father for saving my soul. Thank you Father for Jesus Christ. Thank you for my family, please save those that are lost." When I picked it up and read it, I fought back a tear. There was no name written on the paper, just a simple Thank you. What a sweet testimony that someone could share with others, without being known.

Well, we are going to be at our church in the morning. Then we have to run to the Men's Warehouse to pick up my husband's 2 new suits. Then we will be driving to LaGrange, Georgia, for a service tomorrow evening.

I hope you all have had a good weekend.

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