A Busy Time and Catching Up

I have had a really busy day yesterday and today. I have been working in the garden along with slicing, chopping and freezing. I have put up 8 bags of squash and 1/4 cup of bell peppers. The bell pepper wasn't actually ready to pick, but it fell off in my hand when I touched it, so he went into a bag.

All of our tomato bushes are loaded down with tomatoes. We found small ears of corn on the stalks. We are still waiting on the outcome of our potatoes. Since we got a late start on planting them, we may be waiting until the middle of July for them. We have blooms on the beans and on the pumpkins along with several baby pumpkins. I also picked some green beans from our science project pot. But like I said in an earlier post, we will not be eating any of them.

Last night, we went to Brookton Baptist Church for their June Jubilee. This is one of our supporting churches and I think of them as a home away from home. The service was wonderful. I was blessed through the music. The church choir did a wonderful job. The Hendersons were there to sing. This is a Mother and her 2 special needs daughters from Alabama. They are the most humbling group of singers that I have heard.

I can say that I'm catching up on my sleep. Being out late last night and up early again today, I'm ready for bed now.

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