What Is Our Country Coming To?

I came across THIS today. Of course, I'm one of the last to hear about things like this.

I have not done a thorough study of this website yet, so please know, that there maybe things that you and I may not approve of.

I also found THIS at The White House's website. Astonishing!

May God help us!


  1. I had just heard about the first item last week, thank you for the link to the article. I didn't know about the White House proclamation. I would like to link your post on my site next week, if I could have your permission.

    I've been in a conversation with a close friend who's going to be "homeschooling" next year, I say that loosely since the family is choosing a k12 virtual acadamy in our area. Yes, they will be doing school at home, while enrolled into a gov. school program. They just aren't understanding the potential danger of this program, and that they are inviting the gov. agenda into their home. It is truly saddening.

  2. This is really a scary time for our country.

    I looked into the virtual school, to do some research. Basically you are keeping your child at home, while they are learning what the public schools are teaching. You can't take away from that. Although some would say, I can add a Biblical point of view.

    You don't fence in your hen house and leave the gate open.

    That's fine...Link away!

  3. I had not heard about any of it. I linked to your post and gave these to my pastor too.

    Well said on the virtual school!


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