It That Time Again...

Homeschool starts tomorrow. I can't believe how the last couple of weeks have flown by. It seems like yesterday that I was just way too excited about starting. Now that the time is upon us, I'm not too crazy about the thought of having to get up one and half hours earlier. But life goes on.

I had heard about the free homeschoolers day at The Atlanta History Center for tomorrow. Well, I thought that it would be appropriate to start the school year off on the right foot - a field trip.

I have to tell you that I am really excited about school this year. I'm excited about using the Charlotte Mason approach for Science and History. I went yesterday to pick up our books from the library that we will be using for the first couple of weeks of school. When Monkey saw the books and Dvds on Astronomy, he showed some signs of excitement. I am so happy for this excitement, since I know that it can be discouraging to see a child who is not excited about school.

I almost forgot to tell you about our trip to Washington, Georgia, on Friday. (I did take pictures, I'll have to post them some time later this week.) We went looking for the lost Confederate gold, that is supposedly still buried somewhere around there. We were hoping that we would stumble over it somewhere around the town. Not really! Actually, there is a shipment of lost Confederate gold somewhere. The citizens of Washington, like to think that it is in the area.

We did go and see some of the old houses and Kettle Creek Battlefield. We did not go down to the actual creek, since it was way too snaky. We are planning on going back in February to watch the placing of the wreath from the Daughters of the Revolution and then we will go down.

We also toured the Callaway Plantation. The picture at the top is the one room school house that is located on the Plantation.

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