There's Someone In The Kitchen...

I have really been busy the last couple of days. My parents' apple trees are just loaded with apples.

Sunday night after church, I picked a huge basket and turned them into Apple Butter. I made 2 batches. One on Sunday night and the other on Monday night. The good thing about this recipe is, that I can let it cook over night and then can it in the morning before it gets too hot.

Last night, we picked another huge basket and I turned those apples into Apple Sauce. Since I am the only one who really eats homemade apple sauce, I use what I make for my Applesauce Cake. I am going to be making another 2 batches, since I will be giving the apple sauce along with my recipe for Christmas this year. I love Christmas gifts that someone has actually spent time in creating. For the past few years now, we have given homemade kitchen goodies for presents.

I have not been to the grocery store this week, so I really have to go sometime tomorrow. Then I'll be going to the church to practice the piano for Sunday. I had to play last Sunday night, so I'm pretty sure, I'll be playing again this week. I have to tell a little secret... I can only play arrangements. I can't play from a Hymnal for people to sing to. I could not believe how the Lord took over my hands on Sunday and played the piano for me. What an awesome God, we serve!

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  1. trees loaded with apples...another one of those nice things about Montana! It's too hot here for anything except okra. Being a deep south native, I've never had a fresh-from-the-tree apple. I bet they're great!

    "I could not believe how the Lord took over my hands on Sunday and played the piano for me."
    I have been right there so many times. I don't have a lot of piano training. It's sort of something I took up because there was a need. So many times I feel my fingers stumble and mess up, but somehow the Lord just makes them land on the right keys. I'll find myself, while I'm playing, several times says, "thanks Lord, that could have been ugly!"


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