Can You Say Busy?

I'm sorry that I have some lapses in posting lately. I have been busy lately. Since we came back from the Missions Conference, it seems like I have hit the floor running with no stopping.  I have been playing catch up  with our school work and as most of you that home school know,  getting behind is one of the hardest things to catch up on.

I have also been working on our scrapbook for our display. I guess this is going to be just like our DVD presentation... a continual work in progress.  Our DVD is finally after 8 months what we want! Yes, I said 8 months. Every time, we watched it, we saw something that we did not like or we found something that we wanted to add to it. So now, it is finally completed.  Now on to the scrapbook. Hopefully, it doesn't take 8 months to complete.

I am still working on that adorable baby sweater that I mentioned in an earlier post. I finished up the back, yesterday. I started the front right side today and actually finished it just a little while ago. Hopefully, before too long, I'll start the left side, while I wait for my husband to return from the Greater Atlanta Sword of the Lord Conference. I was going to go today, but school work really needed to be worked on.  I have found that this sweater is knitting up rather quickly. I'm even surprised at some of the new things that I am learning as I go.  And it's actually turning out really cute. ;) If everything goes according to plan, I'll post some pictures of what I have completed.

I also, wanted to let you know that we now have a new home church. Thank you all that prayed for us, while we were in a transition. On Sunday, we joined New Canaan Baptist Church after much prayer and after talking with the Pastor  several times. I 'm excited! This is a church that is really doing something. We started The Fortnight of Prayer on Sunday. This is something that is new to me, since there are no churches in our area that do this. This is a two-week long prayer meeting.  This is a time where all the members that are able will gather at the church for a night of prayer for our church, members, community and nation. What a wonderful thing!!!

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  1. Hi Lori! If you can find time in your busy schedule, my son Justin needs votes for contest he entered. I posted a link yesterday. Thanks!


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