Day Book

Outside my window... The sun is shining. There are light wispy clouds floating in the sky. I hear several neighbors working in their yards. We have a beautiful pair of blue birds flying around the new little house that was put up. The other one was just about had it. I was surprised that they raised a family in it, back in the spring. I can't believe how the birds have taken to this house so quickly.

I am thinking... About the things I have to do today like: Making pizza dough for supper tonight, Sew on the buttons I bought for the baby sweater and gather some of the baby bibs that I have been working on, so my husband can take it to a gift shop, that wants to see my work, Dry the load of straggler clothes ~ all laundry will be finished.

I am thankful for... So many things ~ A Husband that Loves Me, no matter what!

From the learning rooms...No actual school work today. But my son likes helping in the kitchen, so he will be helping me make the pizza dough. Actually, I'll be watching, while he puts everything together. He loves that!

From the kitchen... Today, pizza for supper. Tomorrow - Green Bean Casserole to take to the church tomorrow.

I am creating... I'm working on some baby bibs to send with the baby sweater that I knitted. I can't wait to finish up this project and get it in the mail. I know that our friends will be excited when they receive our package.

I am reading... The Daughter of Twin Oaks by Lauraine Snelling. 

I am praying... For several things for our family. For our church as they want to do something for our community, not just be the little white church down the road.

Around the house... Everything has had a good scrubbing this week. So I'll only have to do some little cleaning over the next few days.

One of my favorite things... Sewing, I love being able to take a piece of fabric and a pattern and create something for either myself or someone to enjoy. Sewing is such a stress reducer for me, maybe not for others. But I really enjoy it.

A few plans for the rest of the week... There is a lot to do this next week. Tomorrow is church and the annual Thanksgiving Dinner after the evening service.  Then Monday- Wednesday we have school, Thanksgiving on Thursday and then maybe some light shopping on Friday. I'm not too sure about the shopping part this year.

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