I Never Would Have Guessed

Most of you know that I taught school for 10 years.  I taught all elementary grades except for fourth and sixth grades.  My first year teaching, I taught in the preschool in the mornings and substituted in the high school in the afternoons.I think about some of the students that I taught and wonder where they are and what they have done with their lives.

Over the ten years of teaching, I had somewhere between 150 - 180 students to sit under my teaching. That is a lot of boys and girls that entered my classroom doors. When I look back on those years, I can't help but think about Kaycee, Chris, Michael, Patrick,April, Erica, Zack, Brianna, Marcus, Thomas and Morgan. All of these except for two have already graduated high school and moved on with their lives. One is getting ready to graduate this year and the other is in middle school. The one graduating and the middle schooler, I hear about often or talk to on Facebook.  The others are just a few that tugged at my heart while they were in my class.

When I think about all of those hearts and minds, I can't help but wonder what ever came of them.  I know that there are a couple of Missionaries that are on the mission field ( I never would have guessed that they would be missionaries), Pastors working in churches ( the ones that I know of, REALLY and TRULY I never would have guessed them to be pastors), teachers teaching in a Christian school and others who have gone on to serve the Lord.

Sadly, there are more that have strayed from their Christian teachings than those that stayed. This is something that really breaks my heart. When I think about some of these ~ I never would have guessed that they would have made the decisions that they did.  But I was not their mother. I was not the one who was raising them. I was only part of the leadership that they encountered in their young lives. Do I regret putting 10 years into the lives of these young people?  Absolutely not!  It was a joy.

I was able to teach in two really good schools. I had the opportunity to teach the Bible and teach these children about Salvation. I was able to lead several students to the Lord ~ what a blessing for me.   I know that I can't go back and try and teach more Bible and say not to get into this or that. But there is one thing that I can do today ~ I can pray for a class as a group and ask the Lord, to help them to remember something that I taught them.


  1. I always pray for the {now in their late 20's} first Sunday School classes I ever taught, I pray that God used me to plant seeds. I'm sure that Christ used you to impact their lives, some just may not know it yet.

  2. Hi Lori, We're having a challenge at the KJV Blog Directory, trying to visit every blog on the list during the month of February, hope you can stop by!
    By the way...as the mom of a kid who made the wrong choice, I never would have guessed either...we do the best to raise our kids to serve the Lord, but ultimately the choice is theirs to make. We just pray that one day they make the right choice.
    It's wonderful that you were able to be a positive influence in the lives of so many kids!

  3. As a SS teacher I often wonder what will happen to my girls when they grow up and make their own decisions. I pray they make the right ones.

  4. It's so nice when the Lord opens up opportunities for us to share the Gospel. We plant the seeds and He waters. I know of several preachers who in their sinful past were alcoholics, druggies, etc. and they are some of the most inspiring and best preachers around. Keep praying for those children!

  5. It is heart-breaking to see so many young people straying from the Truth. On the other hand, those who do go on to serve God have come through a lot of peer-pressure, media, temptation, poor self-esteem, ect... and have come out of the fire stronger and surer. God will do great things with these kids, and He can still reach the hearts of the others. A seed planted can lie dormant for a very long time before it grows. Julie


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