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The other night, I was unable to sleep. I had finished the last of the stack of library books that sit on the night table beside my bed.  I was laying there wide awake, when I realized that I had my1946 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book under the bed.

I know... Strange place for it. I put there until I could get some of the round ring stickers for the pages that were torn.  Any way, I pulled the book out and began to read. Of all the cookbooks that I have, I have never actually read any of the "information" in the books.

I found some really neat things other than some new recipes that I am planning on trying in the near future. Those of you who make a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly meal menu for your family, you'll enjoy this...
MEAL - PLANNING IS A GAME that's fun if you play it with imagination and zest. If you play it well, you will win satisfaction for yourself and cheers of enthusiasm from your family. It's important to plan well-balanced means, but it's equally important to make those meals appetizing and attractive, with plenty of variety.

When I read this, I thought how neat! Wives and Mothers way back then were into menu planning for their families. I know that we've seen old t.v. shows and movies that talked about "Meatloaf Monday."  Many of the wives  that created a menu plan stuck with it for everyday of the week. This was a good way for the family to know what is for dinner each day of the week. And I'm sure it also kept down the hassle of knowing what to buy at the grocery store.

To many, menu planning is a new thing; when actually it is something that has been going on for years. How neat is that!


  1. That's a neat little find! How silly of me to think that menu planning is a new thing, and what a great reminder of the many wives who've trod before!

  2. I've never really tried meal planning...I tend to just figure something out as I go along...depending on what I have on hand. Not very organized, I know!

  3. I sort of just made what ever I had on hand and did my grocery list in my head. Then, just out of fun, with no intentions of ever doing it again, I made a meal plan. I was completely overwhelmed by how much it increased my efficiency as a keeper at home. It cut my grocery bill literally in HALF and freed up lots of time. I'll never go back to my old ways!

  4. I was very surprised when I found this. I have so enjoyed reading through this book.

  5. YAY! I love menu planning. It has really helped out, A LOT!

  6. Deborah, You sound like my mom! :) I did this for about the first 2 months of being married. When school started in the fall, I felt so rushed when I would get home. So I decided to try planning out foods for my husband and me. It really helped out in time and money.

  7. My husband wants to have the same meal for every day of the week. I havent started it yet, I have to come up with six things I can eat week after week LOL

    Good read!

  8. Kristy, I've thought about doing this. But I don't like to eat things every week. We would get very tired of certain foods, very quickly.

  9. Hey Kristy,
    That's what we do with breakfast!
    M-"weekend breakfast"
    Th-eggs and toast
    Su-cinnamon rolls
    That's the routine every week. The kids wake up and say, "oh, boy, it's grits day!" or whatever.


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