Being a Lady

What happened to our society? I am so ashamed for my husband and son to go into the mall, to see all the scantily clad girls and women that are walking around. What has happened to being a lady? 

The next generation of girls are not being taught how to be a lady. These girls are not being taught how to dress ~ how to keep their bodies covered. These poor girls are not being taught to keep the boys’ hands off and watch the way they talk. 

They are not being taught to want to be a wife and mother. Why? Are the moms of my generation not happy with their lives? Are these moms still holding on to anger for not being allowed to dress and act like the world, while growing up? Were they really not taught how to be a lady?

Being a Lady 

When I think about the way I was taught to dress as a young girl. I will admit, I get shivers.  When I explain this, I know some will not agree with me, and that is fine. We all have our own opinions.

I grew up wearing dresses, skirts and culottes. All I will say is, as I got older, culottes left the scene, to never be seen on me again. I love wearing a skirt. I feel so much like a lady when I put one on. My husband and son don’t have to worry about me assimilating (a word we have been studying in History) into the crowd in a store.

Being a lady doesn’t mean just dressing like one. You can put the most brazen woman in feminine attire, but that does not make her a lady. One doesn’t have to be “wealthy” to be a lady. The poorest of the poor can be a lady.
I found this quote the other day by Margaret Thatcher, Power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. What a powerful statement. Your actions speak LOUDER than WORDS!

Funny how people can think about the same thing. A friend on Facebook added this thought to her status today “When did men stop acting like gentlemen? Oh, wait. Maybe it was when women stopped acting like ladies.”

I am so thankful that the Lord has given me a son, whom I can teach what to look for in a wife and mother for his children. I can teach him to treat ladies with respect. You know, the last comment that was left is SO very true. I’m working to make sure my son treats girls and ladies with respect, when some of them don’t even deserve it. That is hard!

Please note moms, if you are not teaching your daughters to be a lady, my son is being taught to stay away from her.

These are some of the comments my friend received: 

Fair enough!


You know, this has been heavy on my heart since I had a son. We are teaching him about chivalry a long forgotten word in my opinion. I am so proud when I see him rush out the door to help our elderly neighbor carry her garbage to the curb, and when he holds doors for people. And I think you are right. ladies need to be ladies!

I have actually had men treat me like a lady. I actually asked a man why he treated me differently than the last lady who walked through the door. He said "You look like a lady, you carry yourself like a lady. You ought to be treated like a lady." basically what he said. I was shocked!

I think it started the same time the Womens' Lib movement began. We wanted our "rights" and the guys gave them to us. The right to open our own car door, the right to do heavy labor like they do, the right to listen to their "bar type talk", etc. etc. We wanted it and we got it. I do not want it but the innocent have to suffer with the guilty. "sigh"

Sounds about right. Very sad, but doesn't mean we have to raise our boys the wrong way!
And it doesn't mean that we have to lower the standard when raising or girls either. I am also proud to say that I am married to a man that treats me like a lady ♥ . He is the man of my dreams. My girls want to marry someone just like daddy Ü

It's a ton of work raising a young boy and teaching him how to treat a woman properly.

These comments are so true. We have fewer and fewer true ladies in our society today. This is so sad. I just wonder what some of grandmothers and mothers would think if they knew how some of their daughters and granddaughters were behaving.

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