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Letter Perfect

Laugh-Out-Loud Historical Fiction!

Ruth Caldwell has always tried to live up to her mother's expectations of what a lady should be...often with less-than-impressive results. But when she's forced to journey west to meet the father she's never seen, Ruth hopes that this might be the place she'll finally fit in.

But her arrival brings about more mayhem than even Ruth is used to. She soon meets Josh McCain, the son of her father's business partner, but discovers some startling news: Her father passed away years ago. And though Josh urges Ruth to claim her inheritance, he grows suspicious of something more sinister at hand when her "accidents" seem to go beyond Ruth's normal bumbling ways and leave her very life in danger.

Letter Perfect written by Cathy Marie Hake is a fun read. I loved it. This little number has a good bit of drama and mystery with just enough romance. I laughed, I cried, I even pitied the main character. A delightful read, you won’t be disappointed.

9866EB: Letter Perfect - eBook Letter Perfect - eBook

By Cathy Marie Hake / Bethany House

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