Day Book

Outside my window... It's definitely spring! It's mostly cloudy but I do see the wonderful sun trying to peek through.

I am thinking... How I miss my husband when he is called in to work.
I am thankful for... For my health. I have finally gotten over the sluggish feeling that has been lingering, over the last couple of weeks.
From the learning rooms... We are finished for the summer. Yes, we are one of those families that use a traditional school calendar. I have thought about going with a year round calendar, so Monkey can get ahead sooner. But I just can't do that knowing there is about a 50% chance that I could go back to teaching. I just don't want him to have to repeat material for a year.
From the kitchen... Something simple! Peas and cornbread for supper tonight.
I am creating... A new recipe website. I'm also cutting out a couple of skirts today. Yeah, I know! I've been talking about how I need to work on these for several weeks.  Since all of our school work is finished and packed away, I can now see me working on these without any worries.
I am reading... I finally finished the Troublesome Creek book last night. I'll be writing a review on it later.
I am praying... That the Lord will give me direction in making a decision.
I am hearing... The wonderful songs of the little birds outside the door.
Around the house... I worked all weekend, to make sure everything was in its place, wiped down, disinfected, dusted and vacuumed. I am able to enjoy a couple of days of sewing.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Other than Church on Wednesday night, I don't see anything actually having to be done away from home, hopefully.

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