Outside my window... is a partly cloudy day. The wind is blowing some rain clouds in. We have a chance of rain, today. Hopefully, we'll get it.

I am thinking... about how Monkey has been given the opportunity to "dog sit" my Father's little Chiweenie. Spike is going through a grieving period because of being left with us. He is very attached to my Dad.
I am thankful for... feeling better! I still get extremely tired during the day. Hopefully, this won't last much longer.
From the learning rooms... we have finished up our Language Arts, Math and Science. We are working on our State Notebook and have a field trip to the State Capitol and to the Etowah Indian Mounds planned to help finish up days on our calendar.
From the kitchen... I've been busy today. For supper tonight we are having Sweet & Spicy Mustard Chicken, Fried Squash, Green Beans, Potato Salad and Deviled Eggs.  I told you I've been busy.
I am creating... I'm still not in the creative  mood. I have all the fabric that needs to be made into skirts laid out so the wrinkle will fall out of it. Hopefully, I can get started on it ~soon.
I am reading... Troublesome Creek by Jan Watson.  I haven't made up my mind on this one, yet.
I am praying... for the churches that are supporting us.  So far, we've not had any to drop us to due to financial problems. We did hear how the Lord has blessed the very first church to take us on for support. They have been able to obtain property and are getting ready to build. This little church is only about 5 years old. I'm also praying for the churches that we are going to be visiting, that they will see the need for church planting in Montana.
I am hearing... Monkey coaxing  Spike out of his bed to eat. Poor little thing hasn't eaten all day. Hopefully, he'll start back soon, since this is a "trait" that these types of dogs have.
Around the house... I have my laundry sorted and ready to wash, tomorrow. I may even start on it later tonight.
A few plans for the rest of the week... We are suppose to go tomorrow to the Capitol.  But, if my husband is called into work ( like today) then we will have to bump it back a day or two.

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