To Soap or Not to Soap

Since I was a pre-teen, I have had to deal with a very oily face. As we all know, oil causes a shine and if not taken care of properly, it will bring on blemishes. Okay, one ~ I dislike blemishes and two ~ I really, really detest the oily look. I remember when I left my teens and entered my twenties, I thought, "YAY, no more problem skin!" Boy, was I wrong. As my twenties slipped into my thirties, I have not done away with my oily face.

I remember doing all sorts of things to rid my face of oil and blemishes. I tried Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar for acne prone skin and it didn't help. I even moved on to Dove soap and the foul smelling Witch Hazel. Next, I even tried using Sea Breeze Astringents. I even tried a product that had crushed apricot seeds in it. Yeah, you know the one, made by St. Ives. Hopefully, they have crushed those seeds a little more, so girls won't be going around with a red face, like I did the first week I used the product. I moved on to using an egg white mask to making a paste with baking soda and leaving it on until it crumbled off. Still, no help!

Moving right a long... In my mid twenties, I remembered seeing this COMMERCIAL when I was younger. I thought, "Go ahead, you use it in the shower." So I did and I could not believe the difference within a matter of days, my face was changing. I heard bells ringing and angels singing, "Hallelujah!" Not, really, I just thought that was funny. But seriously, I thought I found the perfect oil reducer and blemish fighter. For about 15 years, all I have used on my face is Ivory soap. Yeah, it left my face a little tight after wards.  But hey, my pores were closed and I did not have any oil seeping through. And the blemishes ~ HISTORY!

Now, that my thirties have just about slipped into my forties (7 more months), I think I have now had to move on to something else. Yep, the oil has returned, followed by some blemishes, although I have even used rubbing alcohol on my face to help dry up some of the oil. ~ Pick up your teeth off  the floor and close your mouth. I know what you are thinking! RUBBING ALCOHOL! Let me just say, when you have had to deal with this type of problem for almost 30 years ~ you get a little bit desperate.

About a month and half ago, our family was at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. After dinner, I stopped at the corner where they had an assortment of soaps. After looking at a few, I decided to purchase one. I figured, I could spend $1.50 and if it worked, it worked. If not, oh well, it was only $1.50.

Let me tell you... I can not believe that I found the most wonderful facial soap.  My skin is so clean, glowy and healthy. I LOVE IT! Now, I really do hear angels singing,"Hallelujah!"  As long as I don't use anything else on my face, I have not had any problems since beginning with this soap. What's it called?  Oh, yeah, I haven't told you, have I? Well it's called...
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