Torrent Falls a Review

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Torrent Falls is the third book in the Troublesome Creek Series by Jan Watson.

Copper is a young widow, who has returned to her Father's little cabin nestled in the mountains of Kentucky along the Troublesome Creek. Copper along with her young daughter face the reality of  trying to work a farmstead all alone. It's not long, before Copper is sent Darcy and Dimmert Witt, a brother and sister to work and help out around the farm. Both become a wonderful asset to Copper's family.

Copper is introduced to several new families in the area, when her medical experience is needed. After watchin one suffer from unusual challenges, Copper learns to care for this special person.

Childhood friend, John Pelfrey is home from his travels and still carrying an undying love for Copper. After spending time together and getting reacquainted, John and Copper begin talking about marriage. Everything seems to be going well until a situation from John's past reappears.

There's not as much "going on" as in the first two books. It is definite need to read to know what has happened in Copper's life after she returned to Troublesome Creek.

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15657EB: Torrent Falls - eBook Torrent Falls - eBook

By Jan Watson / Tyndale House

The year is 1888; Copper is a young widow with a baby trying to make a go of the ramshackle farm she received from her father in Troublesome Creek. Copper's life seems as dilapidated as the farm as she struggles to come to terms with her shattered world. Desperate to rekindle the easy faith she had as a child, she searches for peace and God's direction in the serenity of the Kentucky mountains. Further complicating her life is a budding romance with John Pelfrey, Copper's long ago sweetheart. Once sure she could never love again, Copper gives her heart to John only to face betrayal. A skilled midwife, Copper is challenged in many ways as she ministers to the women of eastern Kentucky. Always a believer, Copper still has much to learn as she grows in wisdom and in faith.


91165EB: The Troublesome Creek Collection: Troublesome Creek / Willow Springs / Torrent Falls - eBook The Troublesome Creek Collection: Troublesome Creek / Willow Springs / Torrent Falls - eBook

By Jan Watson / Tyndale House

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