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Outside my window... it's cloudy, no wait... The blue sky and sun is trying to peak through the clouds. The temperature outside is under 80 degrees. What an amazing thing! Hopefully fall has arrived after the front moved through yesterday.

I am thinking... about the rest of my day. I have some digging to do. I've got to dig through my fabric to see what all I have as for flannels and denims.
I am thankful for... an unexpected check in the post office box and the rain that we had yesterday.
From the learning rooms... we are moving right along and enjoying this year. Monkey is really enjoying Science. Tomorrow, we'll be starting lesson 2 the Skeletal System. We're also studying about the Sumerians in our History.
From the kitchen... nothing too creative this week.
I am creating... I'm working on the idea of some things that I can sell. Some of things that I have rolling around in my brain, I already make. But there are some that I've not tried. So I'll be working to see how they go.
I am reading... Schoolhouse Brides ~ I'm not too sure about this one. I really don't care for novellas. This was sent to me when I placed an order for some books.
I am praying... our ministry's calendar to fill up and more churches to join us in spreading the Gospel in Montana.
Around the house... I've been working on the closets and drawers. Trying to purge the worn out and too little clothing.
A few plans for the rest of the week... We have Camp Meeting at our church this week. My husband will be attending the morning services alone and Monkey and I will join him for the evening services. We have some friends that will be coming down from North Carolina to join in on the meetings. I'm looking forward to see them all again.

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