The Way Home a Review

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A missing child. A family in crisis. A faith tested. In their darkest hour, God gives hope. Dean Cain stars as Randy Simpkins, a husband and father torn between the demands of his job and family. Asked by his wife to watch their two-year-old son, Joe, for a few minutes, he becomes distracted by work. When he returns, Joe is gone. He and his wife search desperately for their missing son through the vast countryside. But as their fear grows, the community responds – hundreds of supporters uniting behind the family in a powerful spiritual journey that will test the couple’s love and faith, and forever change a community.

My Thoughts:
A good movie!  When I chose The Way Home to review, I did not realize that this is the story of a family from here in Georgia. After watching a few minutes into the movie, I realized that I remember when this happened. Being a mother, my heart was torn, while watching the hurt that these parents must have went through while their little toddler was missing.  ** Grab a box of tissues!**

This is not a mega multi million dollar production. Some of the acting is not the best. But the story about how a family holds on to their faith and how a community gathers around the family in a time of need, is wonderful.

I received this movie for free from Book Sneeze in return for my honest opinion.

316939: The Way Home, DVD The Way Home, DVD

By Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Randy and Christal Simpkins are looking forward to their long-awaited vacation with their 2-year-old son, Joe. But their dream of a family outing turns into a nightmare when Joe suddenly goes missing. Within hours, their rural Georgia community pulls together to search for him---and what they discover is little short of a miracle. Based on a true story! Rated PG. Widescreen. Closed Captions. Appro. 89 minutes.

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  1. That sounds like a movie our family would like. I don't watch many movies at all, but I love ones that are true! We have one called Pamela's Prayer that is also a true story and the acting in that one is not professional, but it doesn't matter when there is a messaage in it.


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