Getting Ready

I am all excited about this school year. I'm really looking forward to being back home and starting our home school year on September 16th.

I ordered all of the books last night. (I'll list what I ordered at the end.)  Another thing I did was join a homeschool group.  Within the 6 years of home educating, I've searched high and low for one that have the same Biblical beliefs that our family has. We participated with a  group while we were in Montana, but it was more a weekly get together so the children could be with others. There was nothing really going on.

I am so amazed at all the groups out there that are geared towards just "play dates."  Another thing I noticed was all the groups that are open to just anyone ~ as long as they are home educating their children. Many are only opened to C*tholics, M*slims and New Agers.

I did notice that there were not many Bible believing churches with home educators that have a group. Or if they do, they do not have it listed as a "ministry" on their websites. This makes it hard for people like me looking for a group that believes the same thing.

May I make a suggestion? If I have any Pastors that visit... If you have a group of members that home educate, consider starting a support group. Or maybe if you already have a group, let others (like minded) know about it.  There are those who are looking for a good group to join.

You can read about the first stage of my planning for this year HERE.

Now on to our curriculum for this year~

Bible ~ We'll be finishing up the Building Castles by Positive Action for Christ
Math ~ Teaching Textbooks ~~ I'm really excited about this one!!!!
Grammar ~ Abeka Language B
Spelling and Vocabulary ~  Apples Daily  Spelling Drills  and  Wordly Wise 3000
History ~ Mystery of History
Geography ~ I've not ordered this yet, since it is out of stock.
Science ~ Apologia  Human Anatomy and Physiology 
Penmanship and Copywork ~ I created my own booklets from HERE
Reading ~ Classics and living books
I'm also adding Calligraphy but not the typing at this time.


  1. Found it funny that the title of my latest post is "Gettin' Ready" and it's about home schooling. LOL

    On the subject of homeschool groups, ugh! We were in a large group years ago and it was great. Until they started pushing Promise Keepers and praise and worship hour during the meetings. Seriously! They wanted to bring in a local woman preacher to speak to us. Needless to say I dropped out of that right quick. We went for years without a support group. We did fine. Then we came to Faith and there were several homeschoolers and we started a group and it did ok. And then this year all but three families dropped out and sent their kids to Christian school. Which is fine. It's their choice, but we're really down to nothing now. I was a little depressed. But I'll survive. LOL Fortunately I'm the type that doesn't really need the others for my home school to survive, but it does make it more fun when you can have field trips, park days, and even chapel together.

    And by the way, kuddos on the Pastor thing. Our Pastor has always been supportive in a home school group. So long as the standards of the church remain, of course. :)


  2. I've always felt that I did not need a group in the past. But with us traveling, I felt like it would help Jamie have something to look forward to when we are at home. A good thing about this is we will only be meeting 2 days a month for a Class Day and a Keepers/Contenders of the Faith Day(Is that the same thing you're talking about?)

    We have some friends who are members of this group. We both believe the same way 100% in everything and they highly recommend this group. So we will see.


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