The Horse and Cart

I mentioned in the last post about putting my cart before the horse.  I have had a long history of putting that poor horse behind the cart and leaving him to contend with the problems.

As a wife and mother, I still have the tendency to get ahead of myself. The only thing, it's not just me anymore that has to work through the problems that are created.

When I heard about a situation at a former place of employment, I thought that the Lord may want me to go back and work. Not for just for the school, but for our family. We were entering a short season of loss of income. Little did I know when I sent word that I would be interested in teaching again, that the Lord was already working on the income thing.

Over the spring months, I put the idea aside about teaching. I made a trip to the school to get a used Language book, so I could study up on the  section of writing a research paper. While I was there, I allowed myself to be put in a position that opened a door to putting the cart first.

After agreeing to pray and talk with my husband, I put the idea aside. For some reason, the Lord allowed me to go through June and most of July without hearing anything regarding teaching.

On the day of the Primary elections, my husband was asked if I was ready to come back to the classroom. **Keep in mind, that I had not heard anything** When my husband called me and told me about this, he told me that I really needed to keep praying and to call the administration. I did. I prayed for two hours before calling. All along, there was a smidgen of doubt.  I put it aside and just thought that it was my nerves.

The day that I signed my contract, the doubt was still there. I continued believing that it was just from not being in the work force for five years. Everyday that I went to the school to work, I still had that weird feeling in the bottom of my stomach.

The week of pre-planning, I knew that I was not suppose to be working outside of my home. Being taught that my word meant more than my weight in gold and giving my word that I would teach,  I felt that I had to start and finish the school year.

Some of the staff realized that there was "something" wrong and continued asking if I was alright.  Trying to deny the problem, the problem grew. After spending nights not sleeping and crying on the way to and from school, I knew what I had to do.

On the third day of school, I went in and talked my friend, the administrator. I explained the situation. I did not want to be the "one" who was not suppose to be there and cause the school to crumble from the inside.  * Christian schools face their share of problems everyday, fighting the darts of Satan.* We talked and both agreed that we would pray that the Lord would provide a teacher to take my place.

For the next thirty minutes, I prayed that the Lord would provide.  When I left the gym and the third grade class ( I helped with their PE), I went into the office, to help answer the phones. As soon as I walked in, I found out that the Lord provided a new teacher. ~HALLELUJAH!!!~

This week, I have been in the process, of helping the new teacher get accustomed to teaching middle school. (She was a former early elementary school teacher).  She has been my "shadow" and learning as we went along. The Lord has provided a wonderful teacher for the seventh and eighth grades.

Next week, will be her first week teaching and working on the daily routines. I'll be there helping her and the students get adjusted to the "newness."  My last day will be Wednesday, September 15th.

I've learned valuable lessons during this. I've learned to keep praying ~ what we think maybe the Lord's will, might not be.  I've learned that no matter what, I need to wait on the Lord~ He knows every situation, that we are going through and those that will be coming into our lives. I've learned that the Lord is the provider of all things and that I need to fully trust Him~He provides for the little birds, He will provide for me. I've learned, again, no matter what my family needs me at home, keeping my home and family in order.


  1. Oh, Me too.
    I didn't feel peace about my preschool position either and prayed that the Lord would close the doors if it was His desire. He did in the most amazing manner. In mid-July interest rates on news mortgages dipped under 5 percent. We realized we could finally afford to move to the town where my husband has worked for the past 7 years. He has been commuting 30 miles each way the whole time.
    I won't be able to afford to commute to my preschool position after we move.
    Your post is a good reminder to me to seek God's will. When money is tight, I have a tendency to think I should be working, especially since I use an asthma medication that costs $200 per month.
    Thanks so much for a valuable reminder. Thank you, Lord.
    Have a blessed weekend....Denise

  2. It's amazing how the Lord works things out. All we have to do is pray and wait on Him.

  3. Oh, I've been there too! Surgery, and a stay in the hospital showed me where my priorities needed to be. I'm sure if I had been listening, God would have told me in a much easier less painful way!


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