Day Book

Outside my window... a pleasant fall day! The wind is blowing, the temperature is right about 64 and should not be any warmer than about 68 for the high. The sun is shining the sky is partially cloudy with beautiful white puffs of clouds.

I am thinking... what I need to do to prepare for Monkey's birthday on Wednesday. He is wanting Cowboy Burgers and a cake from the Publix bakery.
I am thankful for... my health.
From the learning rooms... we began our week with Stonehenge and Early Egypt today. Since we take off a day for Monkey's birthday, I'm moving some things around. We have a missions conference next week, so we're going to be working on some of the lessons for next week.
From the kitchen... I'm thinking today would be a good day for homemade chicken soup... We'll see.
I am creating... I started knitting my first pair of socks last week. Last night I began working on the gusset and somehow pulled a needle out and with it came a good length of yarn. So I had to frog my sock and start all over. I'm not discouraged! I'm actually glad this happened, because I found a couple of places that did not knit at tightly as I would have liked. YAY! I can fix those.
I am reading... The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill  To The Frontier by E. Cody Kimmel and The Abernathy Boys by L.J. Hunt. I'm reading these out loud with Monkey.
I am praying... about a meeting that my husband has next week.
Around the house... I have some major tidying up. My husband left a (HUGE)pile of things out while searching for some of his hunting things that I put away last year. Of course, he can't find anything that I put away because it messes with his organization. 8-)
A few plans for the rest of the week... We were planning on going to the Zoo tomorrow with our homeschool group. But a family member bought us tickets for the Homeschool Day at the Georgia Aquarium. Since those have already been paid for, we are going to take Monkey and use Tuesday as a little celebration for his birthday on Wednesday. I have to do some light grocery shopping this afternoon. I have to work on the tablecloth for our display. The corners keep trying to turn outward, so I'm either going to have to put a pleat in or maybe a quick fix with some snaps. All of this on top of my weekly cleaning schedules.

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