Almost Done

We are finally on the back stretch for this school year, in six more days we will be finished with the 6th grade.  I can't believe that my son will be working on 7th grade work in the fall. Time really flies when it comes to our children.

All we have left to finish up is our Math and since that is all, I'm pulling extra History and Science in to "add" to the hours for our days. This week, we'll be working on a short study of WWII. This is a favorite time period for Jamie to study since it really wasn't all that long ago and he is able to watch videos pertaining to the war online. He also had a Great - Great Uncle that fought and was killed at the Battle of Savo Island on the U.S.S. Quincy. We also had a precious man we went to church with that was a medic at D-Day. He was a real hero for Jamie and a wonderful man of God.

Can you imagine your 12 year old son joining the Navy? Neither can I, but one mother found out what that was like during WWII.  Calvin Graham enlisted in the Navy when he was 12 years old, he fought at the Battle of Guadalcanal on the U.S.S. South Dakota. Once his age was found out, he was put in the brig until his family went to the newspapers telling his story.

When he was released he was stripped of his awards and any Naval compensation. It wasn't until the last 70's when Jimmy Carter signed for him to have an honorable discharge. He received his medals except for the Purple Heart, which was finally given to his widow two years after he passed away in 1992.

In 1988 Ronald Reagan signed for his relief which included his back pay and mustering-out pay with interest. Here's a link to an article written in 1977 telling Mr. Graham's fight with the Navy and Congress to receive what was due to him.  It's hard to imagine there were thousands of boys and girls that enlisted while underage. What a History lesson!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get all of our paper work finished up this week, so all I have to do is print off and mail our May calendar. Then I'll be able to pull out the other books that I'm going to sell and list them. I am really excited about finishing up, since I have some sewing in the planning stages that I want to work on. The sooner I get all the school work finished, the sooner I can get started ~yippie skippie!

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